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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by crazynate, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Hey all. Wrecked my CBR600F yesterday and am now considering my options. My bike is used for commuting about 50km round trip and weekend fun in the hills.

    I have a budget of approx $8500 and am looking at faired sports bikes. I am open to suggestions.

    I have recently had a look at the 2003 CBR954RR and while I am yet to ride it I am happy with the ergo's from just sitting on it. It has 16k and and akra pipe and looks to be in excellent condition.

    Any 954 owners or past owners shed some light on what this bike is like and any issues to keep an eye out for.
  2. I was talking to a guy at the natural arch cafe. He had a 05 929 that he was happy with for twisties and commuting. Didn't catch his name.
    He's a mechanic and he knows Glenn, he taught his wife to ride on one to.
    That's all I know that might be able to help you find him.
  3. Good luck finding an 05 929 :p

    Your budget is perfect, that one would be worth ~7.5-8k

    I've ridden yak's 954 (and its quite similar to my 929) and can say they are an awesome machine. Steering geometry similar to a 600cc, and very light which makes it very sharp. But the ergos are great and it pulls off the honda trick of being extremely user friendly. Best brakes I've felt, and they look pretty nice too. The sound is still growing on me, I prefer the vtwin note.

    I'd check 2nd gear, as with the tall gearing alot of time is spent in it.
  4. Thanks mate. I swore I was going twin next but.....

    The bike is advertised at 8.5 but given the fact new bikes are moving and at cheap prices I am hoping to get them to deal.

    I am reading about them getting very hot if caught in traffic and it needing a steering damper due to it being twitchy and truth to this?
  5. I owned a 03 CBR954RR for a couple of years which was really nice (good handling/power) but for a few niggles on the road,

    1. Very snatchy fueling (especially off closed throttle)
    2. Heat from the engine in traffic
    3. buzziness (worst around 90km/h)
    4. uninspiring engine note (end can helps a little)

    ..on the race track however, it's ace!!!!!!!
  6. You could probably get a 04 CBR1000RR for that money. I've seen a few around the 8.3-8.5k asking price.
  7. And? 954 is way cooler :p

    And 10kg lighter! :shock:
  8. You'd be hard pressed to go past this (clicky) wouldn't you?

    Great price, looks in fantastic nick.

    Maybe chuck some bar risers on in for long commuting...
  9. If you liked your 600F and rode it with spirit, you'll think all your birthdays have come at once with a 954.
  10. Not bad but within 12months i would have it up to around 60 - 70k on the clock.

    As for bargains, there is a immaculate 06 CBR1000RR for sale for 10k with 6k on the clock in Townsville but I just can't stretch that far. I basically have my payout from insurance plus maybe a grand.

    I also want lower Kms as I commute and ride on my days off and the Kms rack up quickly. This bike will have to be a keeper too as I have baby no2 on the way in January so back to 1 wage!

    Agreed the note is typical honda boring but the Akra pipe might be a little long.... maybe 4 - 6in. Akra shorty will make it growl!!

    Eddy, the snatchness of the throttle, is it a issue that could be fixed with a PCIII? Is it only snatchy from 0% throttle or when rolling on from any revs?

    Yak, I thought I was riding it hard up until a few months ago and then discovered the poke the old 600F had in the upper rev range.....lots of fun!

    So the over heating probs.... are they likely to boil the guts out of the engine should it get stuck in traffic? Would a fan bypass switch help?
  11. Don't think they overheat, I'd say they run cooler than the current bikes. Would probably be warmer than your old bike though. There's nothing boring about the exhaust note once you're in the fun zone.
  12. you only notice the snatchiness down low in start stop traffic otherwise it's fine. PC3 will cure this but ride it for a while and see how you go.

    Engine doesn't really overheat (no more than any other bike) it just seems to direct all the hot air onto your right leg in one spot instead of dispersing it. Again only a problem at stop lights or very slow moving traffic.

    ...but it's still a top bike, you'll be happy.
  13. I've got a shorty on mine, as I said I prefer a vtwin but it does have character but it doesn't come out until 6000+ rpm.

    The 954 really isn't snatchy, not enough to complain about. It was much improved on the 929 and that is annoyingly snatchy stock but now I have a pc3 and custom map and its hugely better. But the 954 doesn't need that at all.

    They are a bore to ride slowly though, as any big cc bike is I suppose. I find myself launching off every set of lights simply because trying to take off slowly is a pain in the ass.
  14. Thanks guys.... Now I just have to hope they write my bike off!!

    If/when I get it I plan to ride it for a while and make up my own mind re PCIII.

    Just another Q, has anyone claimed through InsureMyRide?

    The shop that its in getting quoted called me and asked why Shannons called him re my bike...... Do IMR do the paperwork then farm out the insurance itself?