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CBR929RR Stunt Cage

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by N*A*M, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Yes I have a welder. No I won't build you a cage. :LOL:

  2. looks like a 905 bootleg :wink: you trying to undercut them or something? :LOL:
  3. sif copy 905! hello shin-bangers haha

    we tried to base it on an mxd design. i even spoke to jeff from mxd about how to machine the spacers up for the rear mounts. helpful dude.
  4. Looks like a decent sturdy cage.
    Out of interest what's the word for getting stopped by the constabulary with a cage or a 12 o'clocker on?
  5. "it's a luggage rack, officer."

    they don't care really. mostly they're already awestruck by the massively dented tank. haha

    as long as your tail light isn't blocked, there's no law against 12 bars. cages aren't an issue either.
  6. You've gone to that extent building a cage but still haven't got moto bars??
    Kinda wierd eh? :?
  7. comes down to personal preference. the long term plan is the put the upper fairing and windscreen back on there. although it's getting hard to fit a handbrake and clutch lever on the stock clipons. they foul on eachother and we haven't found a good position for both yet.
  8. Okey dokey!
    Didn't mean that last post as a dig or anything, was just wondering that's all. :)