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CBR929rr 2000

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by snake, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Well sad sad times. Recently I've obtained a new job starting at the end of Feb that requires me to travel with a lot of gear (Emergency Services) and it won't be doable on the bike. I need to sell up to get a car. I have only had this bike (bought it off another netrider) for 2 months or so and really don't want to see it go this early. This was my first step up from a 250 to a bigger bike and has been great. Yes it has a LOT of power but its predictable and you don't need to use it.


    2000 Model Cbr900rr (cbr929rr)
    65xxx kms
    Fuel injected 929cc motor outputting 130hp

    Condition: As expected for its age, minor scratches and scapes but overall in very presentable condition. Minor cracks around a fairing bolt came out so I had the cracks professionally repaired by fibreglassing the rear of the panels to strengthen them).

    Long registration (approximately 8-10 months)

    Few Modifications
    - Power commander 3 + custom fuel map created on dyno (ie, dynotuned) - see attached dynochart. The custom map makes the ride 100x smoother than a standard 929, which are gifted with an extremely annoying lack of power before 3000rpm, then a sudden surge after - this eliminates that issue.
    - BMC air filter (have old stock filter also)
    - Gianelli shorty exhaust (oem 954 exhaust also included)
    - Braided brake lines (front only)
    - LED indicators front and rear (fantastic visibility)
    - LED brakelight (clear instead of red - looks great and great visibility)
    - Exhaust hanger bracket (eliminates need for pillion pegs, but pillion pegs also included)
    - Fender eliminator
    - Brand new handlebar grips
    - Crash/Oggy knobs (A nice lady knocked by bike over whilst parked a while back and the knob saved all damage apart from grazing the oggy itself)
    - Fully adjustable suspension, professionally rebuilt by Zenodamper, ideally for 80-90kg rider. Front suspension springs and oil changed, rear shock regassed and upgraded - massive improvement, extremely planted bike. I have two different settings detailed (one for general road riding and another for perfect smooth roads)

    Maintenance wise the last user change the oil and filter myself every 4,000kms. Chain gets degreased and relubed every 500-1000kms and I clean the air filter every second time I change the oil (so every 8000kms). Other than that I leave the rest up to trusted mechanic for a full service every 12,000kms. The plugs and coils were recently replaced. The battery I replaced about a year ago. Engine compression a perfect 240psi on all 4 cylinders. I've only done about 1000kms on this since owning it.

    Comes with oem user manual (physical book), plus factory manuals etc. also comes with spare key . The rear seat storage is great, I easily fit the toolkit + puncture repair kit + first aid kit + wet weather gear without problem.

    Its ultra-user friendly to ride, smooth and predictable. I've used it mostly for day trips and touring. The 18L tank will be empty after 220-330kms depending on how you ride it, but the average I get is about 6-6.5L/100. The bike has so much power I almost never get past 6000rpm (max power at 12,000) but it has a very linear surge all the way to the top. I have no doubt if maintained as well as I have, it'll have no difficulty going to 300k kms+

    Asking price for the bike is: $5200 neg. I need to sell this by the end of Jan to get a car in time for the new job so no time wasters please. Happy for test rides and mechnical inspections but you must leave collateral and be prepared to pay if you damage the bike.

    Pics attached.

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