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CBR900RR project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rip, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. A new house and impending fatherhood killed the new bike fund, so I've gone the project route. A "what the hell" moment on ebay produced this:



    Its a 96 cbr900RRRRRRRR. Pranged, but not a write off. Here's to uninsured young clowns...

    The plan is to mildly streetfighter it.

    Stage 1: new forks
    Stage 2: play with bars, footpegs and seat to see if I can actually fit comfortably on the thing.
  2. Those what the hell moments on eBay can certainly end up costing a lot of money. Been there, done that. I tend to stay away from eBay these days. :D

    Hopefully you can turn that into a sweet looking ride. Looking forward to seeing the end result and pictures as you progress.
  3. Nice one! I used to own one of those beasts, they are a bloody good bike!
  4. Has it really been three months? Oh well, I started this thread so I suppose I should post an update. Apologies for the low quality phone photos.

    Picked up a Monster 1100 seat and cowl I liked to look of (plan? what plan?) The fit wasn't that far off, so decided to cut down the original subframe rather that modify another to fit. The welding as done by Niccom Engingeering in loganholm (I know my limits). So with a bit of foam added to the front of the seat...

  5. Ebay pays dividends. Bought the front end of an 04 R1 - upside down forks, 17in front wheel and radial brakes on the cheap. Spring rates are near stock, and fork length and offset are pretty close too.

    Swapping the stems wasn't straightforward though. the CBR stem was welded in, so lost a bit of length turning the weld off to get it out. The R1 stem was alloy, and had a shoulder at the bottom. Plus the R1 bottom tree was thicker. Played around with a spacer for a while, but the differences didn't work out so bit the bullet and had a custom stem machined up.


  6. So new bearings, and the R1 front end goes on!


    Looks good. Except...
  7. [​IMG]

    Fark. Dod I mention it was cheap?
  8. nicely done. like the monster rear end
  9. Very good mate!!

    Whats next on the agenda??
  10. Looks like she's had a front ender!
  11. Looks like that ey! At least it'll turn quicker! haha
  12. Ahhhh NICE!!! I've got a 929 blade at the moment i'm building into a track bike. I bought it late last year and have just been accumlating all the parts I need and pretty much have everything I need now! :) My last uni exam is on friday, so uni holidays I'll hopefully get it all built! ;)

    eBay and Fireblades.org will be your friends! That forum is very handy for parts, and it actually favours the older model cbr's more than it did my model (and newer).

    Good luck with it! I'll be sure to get a thread up of mine shortly!

  13. Dog bless fleabay. Sometimes you kiss - sometimes you get kissed.
  14. Well done.. Very encouraging
  15. Tough luck on the forks eh? Are you still able to go back to stock with the mods you've made?

    I'll be watching keenly as I'm still trying to decide between parting out my 96 CBR900 or rebuilding the engine.

    Good luck
  16. Thanks for the kind words, guys. It’s a bugger about the forks, but there are no kinks or dents in the tubes so they should be easy to straighten.

    Picked up a new radiator, so that’s going next. After that bar risers, then headlights of some description. Pickup up some Buell footpegs, but they're bizarrely huge so still have to do some thinking on the footpegs.

    It can't be taken back to stock without some fairly major replacement parts, but then that was the case when I got it due to crash damage. It’s likely to cause a bit of extra work at rego time, but I was going to get a single seat mod plate so anything else requiring sign off will get done at the same time.