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cbr900rr 48,000km service help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kransky.dan, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. hi all,
    Just got my hands on a CBR cheap!! Beautiful bike!!!

    Its at 43,000 and when i spoke to honda world they said that might as well go for the 48,00km service, fair enough.

    As i was there they mentioned something like a cap or something else (not real helpful) that also needs to be done at 48,000km.

    they gave me the attached maintenance schedule,
    But i wanna know is there anything else apart from the list attached that I need to get done?

    Thanks for the help!!! Unfortunately there really isnt anyone else apart from you guys i can talk to....... mechanics around here arent too good.

    thanks !


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  2. Thats a major service your looking at, for piece of mind I'd be getting the oil and filter changed as well as safety check done.
    Then ride out the 5000km, and then get the major service done. Having done the 5k you'll know yourself if anything else 'stands' out and get that looked at as well.

    Personally I hate people recommending services that aren't due yet, they just want your money NOW!
    As well as 9 out of 10 times wont do the service fully anyway.

    A basic piece of mind service should only cost around $150 or less inc parts, unless they find a fault.
    A major service wont give you much change from $700 or more [ only a guess it's been awhile since I've paid more than just trade for parts ]
  3. I'd start with the oil and filters as VTRBob said above. These things keep crud out of your engine and help lubricate it, arguably the most important things towards keeping it running. Buy a good oil, to a specification in the manual or stamped on the filler cap.

    The radiator might as well be flushed if you've got the fairing off, with new top-spec coolant put in and any suss hoses replaced. Make sure to tip the bike to the side to try and flush as much coolant as possible, and after filling back up check the level after a short ride as it may settle and require topping up.

    Check brake pads (less than 2mm = replacement time) and do a brake test. That requires you going on a quite back road and repeatedly accelerating and then braking fairly hard, say 5 or 6 times from 100km/h. If the brakes suddenly don't want to stop you, or the lever goes slack and pulls in with no more braking force coming on, then its replacement brake fluid time. Replace it with quality DOT4 or DOT5 spec fluid.

    Check the battery fluid level, it should be between the lines on the case. If not, top with distilled water and put on a charger for a few hours. Replace and check it works.

    Check for loose items in general and that all switches, gauges and the like work, too. Tyre pressure should also be checked before you take it on any sort of decent ride, and definitely before doing the braking test above. Ensure its at the specified pressure front and rear.

    Thats about it on my list for buying a new bike.

    CHeers mate - boingk
  4. thanks heaps guys!! I will do that.

    cheers again.