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CBR900 Hornet pipes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 1WDrive, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Have been thinking about changing out to a hornet and have noticed very few with exhaust mods, which is kinda wierd as the originals are pretty ugly. Does anyone know why?

  2. A single aftermarket low pipe would be a major weight-saving.

    Maybe nobody made one for the 900. Where do the mufflers join the headers? If it's on the way up at the rear then a link pipe for a low mount might not have been practical, although a loop mightn't be out of the question and it would mean staying closer to the original system length.

    In any case, I'd be very be tempted hang a pipe off the right side pillion peg mount and have an exhaust place come up with a link pipe to the headers.

    Then you'd have a good old Four-into-one with the right growl.
  3. You can get Danmoto aftermarket pipes for the hornet 900. Pretty cheap & they sound great.

    I put a Danmoto slip on onto my Hornet 600 and it was awesome compared to the stock POS.
  4. Yeah, I have seen one done exactly that way,four into one and bolted off the pillion peg getting rid of the two high mount cans all together. Actually made it look like it probably should.
    It was an observation I noticed, every other type of bike seems to have a fair percentage of them done with man cans but not the hornet.
  5. It would look good.
  6. i picked up a very cheap pair of yoshi pipes on flea-bay. I had a set of D&Ds and the sound sucked big time...way too tinny
  7. I had a pair of Staintunes... Came with it when I bought it. They were fine.
  8. And sounded FANTASTIC...
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    Firstable, CB 900
    and have a look on google for aftermarket exhaust options.

    If you like the single pipe, the 1996-1998 CBR900RR (919cc) headers are a direct bolt on

    have a look on the wristtwisters forum. Thats probably THE hornet 900 forum. (the hornet 900 was called the 'cb919 in America)

    https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/5557157/3/Motorbikes/919/After 900rr done?h=6888af#gallery:20

    I'm planning to get myself a pair of these when I come back from overseas

    Carbon Fibre yoshimura TRS's can be got for $710 shipped from motomummy
  10. 4 into 1 pipe is AWESOME!!!....It gives the bike really clean lines. Might be my next money pit:D