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CBR900 handle bars

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by maybefred, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I have been looking in to raising the handle bars on the cbr900rr as I am getting old and my back and wrists can't take it for long.
    The clip-ons I have looked at either hit the fairing or the tank, a triple clamp riser hits the windscreen.
    Can anyone suggest a solution that doesn't require cutting the fairing?

  2. Modern bikes simply don't have much room for bits that aren't meant to be there- the need for compactness is everything.
    Mick Hone racing does 'Heli' handlebar risers but it might be time to trade in...
  3. Yeah, trouble is I just bought it. Thinking Bandit maybe...
  4. Should have bought the ZX9R - it's a much easier riding position!

    That aside, I would be looking for Helibars. Generally their specifically designed to clear all the problems you're talking about - but obviously you'll need to check for particular model.

    Does the triple-clamp riser work with an aftermarket screen?
  5. Old? You're 32? I know 50 year olds that rack up hundreds of kilometres on Ducati 999s.
    Fitness or lack there of is more likely your problem. Do some exercise, particularly abdominal exercises. Buy a kidney belt and wear thinner gloves. All help towards making for an easier ride.
  6. If you love your CBR the Bandit is a truck... maybe a Hornet or FZ1... even a YZF1000 ('Thunderace' in foreign markets) is significantly more comfortable than a Blade. I don't know how old you want to go.... but changing bars on a sportsbike is pretty difficult without losing some streering lock, running into cable/brake line issues etc. You have to be lucky.

    You might get some relief by changing your riding style: grip more with the knees to take weight off your arms. At first you have to keep reminding yourself to do it but it does become more natural over time.
  7. Ha ha ha. I sound ridiculous. Thank you, yes I am unfit but that was not the problem. Just didn't like it at first but used to it now and it feels pretty damn good
  8. I have a CBR954 02. I installed Heli-Bar a few weeks ago. It was a bit of effort to get fit the thorttle cables supplied with kit, but otherwise reasonably easy. Do take time to make sure all cables correctly routed.

    The results are great. If you love your sports bike feel and look but want to be able to ride 100km to the destination and be in good shape to attack the mountains, then it is good.

    If you want to make it a all-rounder, then dont bother - it will not be turned into an FZ1 or Z750 or Hornet etcs....

    The slightly wider bar also make counter steering a bit easier.
  9. why don't you turn it into a streetfighter or nake bike with straighbar then you won't have problem with back or wrist pain.