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cbr900 gearbox type

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Traviss, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. QQ..Brother inlaw has just stuffed his 98 CBR900rr gearbox (2nds jammed) ..
    I cant remember if its a engine out split the case (might as well give it a freshen up) type job or you can get to it from under neath...Unless its a cartridge gearbox ,which i dont think it is...
    Any Ideas..Im in vic and he's up in townville so not a quick trip for a look ..

  2. Anyone..??? Im trying too help the brother inlaw as the closest bike shop to where he is ,is a good days drive ..
    The honda shop is rising sun Honda anyone no there reputation Ive heard they can be a bit pricey ..
  3. Sorry dude! Your out of luck. 900 had a standard gearbox where you have to split the cases to get it out. Only the later 1000 had a cassette style gearbox.

  4. Thx heaps ...Im on the phone with him now ,I think he's about to cry..
  5. So what's he going to do with the bike then? I'm in the middle of playing around with the gearbox on my cbr900.

    Appart from some really tight bolts it's not too hard to get the engine out and pull it to pieces.
  6. yeah u have to pull the engine and split it.
    im not far of doing this on my 929. either a new bearing on 3rd gear ($100) or s/h gearbox ($500) i got a loud chattering noise.
    its not a hard job, download the workshop manuals and get a heap of those zip close sandwich bags to put your nuts and bolts in and keep them labeled.
  7. The brother inlaw isnt the most mechanicaly minded guy ,so its either being sent down to me or its off to a shop to be fixed..Second hand engines 20-40k km cost around $2500 when there avaible ..
    I think rebuilding his would be a better idea ..
  8. if its just gearbox they are around $500 from the wreckers