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CBR600RR Vs ZX636

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. looking at getting another bike in the next few months, read alot of reviews, haven't test rode anything yet, but narrowed it down to these two bikes.

    for the cbr, the 2003 (and onwards) models and for the zx the 2005 models (and onwards)

    will be a twisties bike (main roll) as well as the odd run into town ect.

    just wondering what owners of these bikes think? general opinions ect? good, bad points? anything i should look out for?
  2. I've ridden both a fair bit and I'm not a fan of sportsbikes in general. I'd have to say the '05 ZX6R seemed for more peaky and uncomfortable for me to ride (I'm 5'10") the Honda '04 had a much more linear power delivery and for some reason the riding position didn't bother me as much. An old 600F4i was even better. Anyway.

    Knowing both owners well, both had similar (40,000) kilometers and they were both running well. Both had been serviced by the book but it seemed the Honda was easier to service.
  3. I rode both and found them both great... the CBR was maybe a LITTLE more comfy - but both were more comfy to me than the GSXR or the Daytona675. (I'm 6'2")

    In the end there was very little to chose between the 05 ZX636 and an 05 CBR. The Honda was slightly more expensive and too many weird paint schemes out there. The clutch on the Honda I rode was a lot more fussy than the Kwaka - but I'm sure you'd get used to that VERY quickly. I've opted for the 636.. but at the end of the day its a personal decision YOU have to make. There is no right or wrong answer, they are both awesome machines!
  4. First of all, if you haven't ridden anything then you shouldn't have "narrowed down" your options already. Unless money is an issue you're just limiting yourself.

    I have an '07 CBR600rr. I'm also 6'2" and it was the most comfortable to ride with higher and wider bars and a good seat. I found the '08 gixxer had a really wide tank which i didn't like, and the seat is a little lower. The daytona was awesome fun, great engine but very wrists-down, bum-up in the ergonomics. I didn't ride the Kawasaki as i was sold on the honda already.

    Can't comment on the '05 honda, but mine has nice smooth power (with a better midrange than all but the daytona), notchy gearbox (might be an oil thing) and GREAT steering and handling.
    I've heard good things about the '05 Ninja 636.
  5. Dont get the ninja. It'll mean there'll be less around for when I decide to get one.
  6. im 6'4" and a fulltime student, so money is an issue :p but will be keeping this next bike for a while, so am willing to spend over my budget a little bit.
  7. I just bought an 05 636 mate!
    I didnt test ride any other bike. Sat on all of them and found the ninja to be the most comfortable. Didnt like the high seat of the R6, the feel of the honda. Must admit i found the Gixxer good as well but from my first day on a 250 (i had a hyonsung so my choice wasnt influenced by the bike a already had) i had my eye set on a ninja 600 for my first bike. Everytime a ninja went past id stop and look. No other bike did it for me. WHen i found the ninja i wanted i was gonna make it feel comfortable no matter what! lol my next bike will be a zx10-r and the one afta a zx14. Then when im a crippled old man from driving sports bikes my whole life ill buy a kawasaki cruiser! Plain and simple

    End of the day mate ya gotta make ya mind up for yaself. Go with which ever one you like the best, feels the best, and turns ya on the hardest!
  8. agreed. test ride all your options.
    i have an 04 cbr (since new) which suits my needs but i wouldn't say a bad word about the other 600's out there. they're all great bikes, i just had more faith in the honda brand and preferred the rcv styled shape, (but i'll admit the 05 zx6 has grown on me).

    test ride them all...but dont forget rearsets, exhausts, handlebars etc aren't too difficult to change. if the other basics of the bike are what your after there is a fair degree of customising available later.