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CBR600RR used pricing?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V-meister, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    A while ago I was looking at an upgrade bike from my 250 and held off for a while, but now I've been presented with one for sale and he's willing to accept $12,000 from me.

    The bike is a 2007 model and has under 900km on it. It also has a Yoshi pipe and is in immaculate condition with lots of rego.

    Can anyone comment if this is a decent price?

    Thanks in advance for any commments
  2. It's a good price. depending on where you go you can get a brand new 07 for 13,500 OTR.
  3. On road price for a 07 cbr600 rr is around $14500 upwards (depending on the dealer of course).

    $12000 with the extras is about bang on for under 12 months old.
  4. Thanks for the replies,

    Since it's about fair price (not necessarily a bargain) I've decided to hang back and have a bit of a look around rather than rushing into it.

    Sometimes it helps to get opinions on whether something is as good a bargain as it appears (to a newbie like myself it seemed like it was CHEAP but it is actually around fair price)

    Cheers :)
  5. thats a good price
    dealers are offering roughly $11k on trade in
  6. they are 12999 +ORC. ride away 13500 at peter stevens geelong.

    thats 12mths rego aswell.

    the yoshi pipe is a plus, but by the time you pay stamp duty and transfer of ownership it will be close to 13000 (for victoria $960 stamp duty (8% of 12000)+ $30 ownership changeover)

    i've been looking into this myself :)
  7. True, in NSW it's 3% stamp duty so I'd be looking at $12,360 all up - it has about 6 months rego left...

    So for not much more than $1k extra I could go new (this is near new though) hence this price seems about right I guess.

    I'm also looking at used GSXR600s, and when the K8 hits the dealerships I think the K7s could become good buys too?
  8. you have to really push a sydney dealer to even get $14k otd for an 07 600rr demo unit.
  9. they are a really sexy bike. and i reckon with a yoshi pipe and less than 1000 kms on the clock its like buying it new except hes helped you run it in (providing he did it properly).

    sounds bloody good to me. i wanna get one as a second bike in a year or so as well. cant wait ^^
  10. Definitely a nice bike and not a bad price considering it has the slipon, I've actually stumbled across a K7 GSXR600 now and have agreed to $10,000 which I feel is a great buy so am hoping to have the purchase tied up today. (Had it inspected and it's A1 apart from a scratch on the mirror and oggy knob as it was dropped at a standstill).

    It's in QLD though, but factoring in all costs of getting it on road in NSW it still works out to a good value purchase in my opinion ;)
  11. damn 10k for a k7 what a bargain

    u get all the good deals, hook us up
  12. Just lucky that it was advertised, made an offer and he eventually accepted.

    Wasn't initially looking interstate but it really opened up some possibilities. Doesn't seem too hard to get it here and register but it will be around $11k all up once I get it on road here (still a good buy I fee)

    Fingers crossed it's a smooth process though...
  13. Damn, 10k is sweet for a k7. if that was in victoria i'd be spewin i missed out!