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CBR600RR Test ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Its time to step up form the ZZR250... Its been hugely fun and I've improved immeasurably, but I want more *go* at the lights and I dont want people to laugh at my giant 'mariokart gorilla' appearance dwarfing my machine. (6'3" 90kg)

    So after last weeks test ride of a new Yamaha XJ6 - which left me cold and uninspired I decided to take a closer look at a real sport bike to see if it put a smile on my face and could be ridden without crippling me.

    I'd spoken to the dealer the other day and he said I could call up and arrange a test ride whenever it suited - so I rang him yesterday morning and suggested a lunchtime ride. I rocked up just before 12:30 and within 5 minutes had my licence photocopied, paperwork signed (noting carefully the $1000 excess - *MUCH* better than the $2500 excess at the Yammy dealership). I expected the dealer to grab a helmet and a bike for him to ride but no - he wheeled the CBR off the showroom floor, fired it up with a satisfying blip of angry sounding revs and beconned me over - "There ya go - have fun, see ya in about 45 minutes!"...

    So there I was ready to take out a beautiful gleaming black powerful machine onto the traffic-laden city streets completely alone. I sat across the bike and adjusted the mirrors, my rear-ward visibility was no worse than the ZZR but seat height noticably higher - althoguh comfortably flat-footed on the ground, my legs on this bike are at least nearly straight when standing still. I gripped the clutch, lifted my left leg to the peg and tapped my way into first gear. Without any further ado - the engine stopped. I tapped back to neutral, hit the restart and repeated my stalling manouvre again... I giggled and then mentally scolded myself for being such a nob, then lifted the sidestand and restarted the bike. This time of course I got into gear without any issues and sat waiting for a gap in the traffic...

    20 seconds later the lights changed and I got my chance - I gently twisted the throttle (and got grease lightening quick responsive ROAR from the engine) before I released the clutch and gingerly cruised toward the next lights. (Clearly my throttle on/clutch release timing wasnt quite right!)

    As I lifted both legs and sat properly on the bike for the first time I smiled. this felt GOOD!!! I'd ridden 50 yards before I hit the next lights and pulled in behind a car waiting to turn right. Another blip of the throttle gave me a reassuring cat like scream of revs from the engine and when the lights changed I promptly stalled, restarted and got going before anyone noticed (obviously I need to work on clutch control stuff on this bike!).

    ..Then I had an epiphany.... a stretch of a few hundred meters of road to enjoy. I gently squeezed the throttle, shot forward and decided a speed check might be in order... 78kph - ooops! (60 limit). So I backed off a little and enjoyed the ride. After a few seconds the urge to play grew on me again and a gap in traffic between cars in fornt of me appeared. I gave the lightest of gestures to the bike and in an instant I was there - well past the cars I'd been cruising beside and out in front in a gap that ordinarily I would not have got CLOSE to. This was SO MUCH FUN!!!

    Over the next 10 minutes a series of traffic lights had me continuing to stall when trying to pull away (gotta be GENTLE with that throttle!!! not like the ZZR with its full-on or full-off throttle!) and flying around corners, tipping from side to side with a "waay heey!!" smile on my face.

    All too soon my time was up. I was just starting to get used to pulling away smoothly and feeling the wave of euphoria as I gave myself a jet of acceleration - but I had to give it back. I got back to the dealership, back and wrists feeling absolutely fine, face aching from grinning and having muttered a few expletives to myself in the safe confines of my helmet:

    "F##k that was fun!"
    "oh Sh&^t I WANT one of these..." etc etc etc ...

    I parked up safely, handed back the keys to the dealer and obviously my face told a story - he said "he he - No need to ask you - you LOVED it didnt you?"... Having said that he didnt pressure me with any sales pitch as he knows I'm looking at a few bikes before making any purchase.

    All in all the bike was fantastic - the engine sound was tight and angry, the acceleration just EPIC and all in all just plain FUN. It highlighted to me a few shortcomings in my skills - but I'm sure they could be addressed quickly once I got used to the bike. This is a massive step up from the 250, no question about it and I'm SOOO glad I didnt get a bike like this last year when I first got lmy icence (QRide before July08 meant full licence from day1) - Theres no doubt in my mind I'd have got into serious trouble and would have found myself eating pavement (or worse)...

    I'm not going to make any decisions in a hurry - but this bike has found itself at the top of my list to buy - by a LONG way! I do need to test a ZX6 and GSXR too - but I think I've discovered that I *have* to have a sport bike - not a half-assed sport-tourer!!

    Getting back on the ZZR after the test ride was painful. It felt, soggy, gutless and for the first time ever pedestrian to the point of no longer being fun. - That has passed now - and this mornings ride to work was once again great fun, but I now know that I wont be satisfied until I have that instantaneous roar at my fingertips and the heartpumping rush of acceleration that the CBR delivered.

    If you *might* be in the market for this kind of bike, do yourself a favour. Take one for a ride. Its simply fabulous. :grin:

  2. edit : awesome.
  3. Nice write-up mate!
    Gives me something to look forward to when i end up doing the inevitable upgrade!
  4. thanks for the insight...

    its on the very short list of possible upgrades for when I come off restrictions in a few months...

    looking back any criticism ?
    anything you didn't quite like ?
  5. You might want to add the R6 and Daytona 675 to your ride list there.
    That being said… aint the RR A Riot
  6. well - it would be nice if it were about $5K cheaper!!! :p ..

    Whats not to like? ... I guess it would be nice to have a gear indicator on the dash like the ZX6, but the ZX6 doesnt have a fuel guage which the CBR does... and having said that I have neither on the ZZR and after the first tentative km's (with a few nasty shocks having downshifted too far on approach rolling starts at lights) - their lack hasnt bothered me.

    I'd say the grips could be thicker - would make riding with real 'man hands' easier - but thats a minor detail - and easily remedied with aftermarket grips if necessary.

    All controls seemed sensible enough - I had no trouble with gear shifts, all were smooth and definate and apart from my poor clutch-control meaning the odd scream of revs, or stalling when pulling away - both of which would no doubt no longer occur after an hour or 2's riding - theres nothing not to like!
  7. It’s not all about your clutch control.
    The clutch on the RR Is the only thing I don’t like about it.
    It caught me out when I first got on it, and apparently Loz also had grief with it
    Here were my words on the subject (while we are referencing reviews)
  8. lol! grief with it! It's called not knowing where the slipping point is the first time you get on it :roll:

    There's nothing wrong with the clutch - check the rider.
  9. I loved the CBR600RR when I test rode it on a Honda ride day. It was comfortable, easy to ride, lots of fun, and handled beautifully. I was surprised when I got off that I didn't feel any ill effects of folding up onto it at all. I'm only 5'7", but I was worried that the riding position was a bit tight for me.

    Nope, it was all good . . . until the next day. Screaming muscle cramps in my inner thighs. Not comfortable at all. Boy that hurt. I guess I had been hanging on with my knees tighter than I thought. (I did test out the acceleration and cornering pretty good.)

    So, before you completely give you heart and soul over to it, wait a day and see how your longer but younger legs feel. :)
  10. I have to say I'm pretty confident that the clutch problems I had were ENTIRELY user error! :p The bike was great... the rider, not so great!

    An hour of leanring exactly where the bite point is and improving throttle control at the same time and I'm sure these problems would vanish.
  11. If you do get it, you will get over the power really quickly. It took me all of 3 days to get over the power, and that was having not ridden my 250 for 3 months. However power is not what the bike is about. Its the handling, suitability for riding on the road AND the track.

    I've finally learnt how to power wheelie it.
  12. This bike is the perfect height for someone around 5ft 10.

    You definately want to try other bikes.
  13. I am going to go with something else.
    It is not that the clutch has problems, it is that it has a very short clutching action.
    This combined with a revy catchy power (Which is one of the things that makes this bike F#$king insane once you get on it, is just very hard to get used to.
    It is not a fault, it is though something that does make it a bike that needs some concentration off the start and in traffic.
    A longer clutching action would be my personal preference, but with some practice I can see you getting used to it.
    And no I wouldn’t say change the engine to allow for it, because the engine is just fine the way it is.
  14. I know the feeling ! I too didnt think I wanted a sportsbike until I test rode a few. Traded my gpx250 in on a 08cbr600rr a couple of weeks ago. fantastic !
  15. Nice write up, had me grinning just reading it, so I can only imagine how you felt riding the bike!

    I haven't ridden my GPX250 since buying the GSX750F a few weeks ago. It's sitting at a mate's house waiting to be picked up and ridden back home, but somehow I'm not exactly anxious to get back on it. :)
  16. I came off my Ps on April 20 this year and only last weekend took a 600RR 2008 for a testride.

    I found it to be very similar to the 250RR, in terms of ride style, clutch change tolerances, body position, throttle control, etc. Because of this, it felt like an old friend in about five minutes. In fact, because the 600RR is so much better than my aging 250, I felt more at home on it than my 250 by the end of the ride. I was shocked at how foreign my 250 felt when I got back on it. I've been on it, every day almost, for over one and a half years and it felt strange after only one hour on the 600.

    The power difference was refreshing, but not at all excessive. There were many times, just like on the 250, where I was attempting to change up a gear from sixth, due to cruising rpm. So will try the 1000RR.

    The pegs are much better placed (more forward than the 250) which allows for tip-toeing nicely with your butt up against the back of the seat, even at slow speeds.

    Turning out of side roads was a lot easier as the balancing of the bike is excellent. Just more balance control in the turn (the 250 feels cumbersome, by comparison).

    Hanging off the bike is so much more natural, and stability in faster turns is light-years better. Oh yeah, and the foot pegs have metal teeth which really give confidence for putting your weight on the outside peg in a turn.

    I'll be test riding the 1000RR 2008 next weekend. I'm keen to feel the difference between it and the 600. After that I will try to find a 2007 1000RR to ride.
  17. awesome bike - absolutely love it

    the clutch and throttle take a little getting used to (esp from an older bike)

    in terms of comfort - after a couple of months im now able to go for a few hours ride without any muscle sorness afterwards.

    great bike... pity you weren't looking last year when they were abit cheaper!

    here's mine :

  18. Say what? Crusing RPM is around 6 or 7? not 2 or 3? either that or you were crusing at 150km+ speeds?
  19. Yeah Toast I think you will find that the bike doesn’t start to play until over 8krpm, and won’t really get jiggy until 10.
    Seriously the 600RR is a damned good package, I just wish that had more give in the clutch action