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CBR600RR or R6 ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anton555, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hello all...I have just got my unrestricted license (did my Q-ride yesterday) and I am tossing up what bike to buy...I absolutely love the look of the Honda CBR600 RR and the Yamaha R6 and I am having trouble deciding which bike to go after....I don't want to spend over $10,000 which should get me either a 2004/2005 CBR or a 2003-2004 R6

    I will be using the bike everyday and I am not really interested in any track work (well not yet anyway...)

    Basically I would just like to get some rider-advice on what the differences are between the 2 bikes and what people like/dislike about the bikes...a guy at the local Honda dealership said that the CBR are alot smoother to ride than the R6 but obviously he wants me to buy a CBR :)

    So if anyone has got any thoughts on the matter it would be much appreciated..thanks
  2. honda by a country mile, the r6 is a tinny, poorly built piece of shit in my opinion. the cbr600rr has dominated its class for years, for good reasons :!:
  3. +1

    I have ridden each of these over the years. Both have improved, but it wasn't until last year that the design and handling of the 600cc sports class has come to bear.
    The 07 CBR600RR is fantastic (which I bought) after a long line of rather boring models.
    The R6 up until the 08 model has been somewhat of an under-acheiver. However I rode the 08 model a couple of weeks ago and must say that its now an animal!

    So depends on your budget, and which part of the models spectrum you are after.
    So pre 2007 go Honda. But for this year the 08 R6 or the ZX6R 08 will be fantastic.
    The over-arching point is that Honda built quality (expect for the new 600 Hornet which has been brought back in, which they dropped the can on).

    Can provide you with all the in's and out's of the Honda should you go down that path.
  4. Thanks for your comments Joel...I am glad you said that about the CBR as I was leaning more towards it (an the missus like the look of it better also :) ) ....just another quick question (maybe I should start another topic).

    In regards to Kilometers on a bike, is there a huge deal with a bike having about 27,000km??....the reason I ask is that there is a 2004 CBR600RR about 4 hours from where I live with 27,000km for $9,500...whereas if I go to a major city like Brisbane, I can pick up a similar bike for the same price with only 15,000km...

    I know if you buy a 2nd hand car, 27,0000km VS 15,000km is not a big issue considering the transport costs I would have to pay to get the bike shipped from Brisbane ( I live about 10hrs away)...any thoughts on this??
  5. Thanks pro-pilot that would be much appreciated if you could do that..I will go pre-2007 as my budget is below $10,000 and with Joel and your comments I am REALLY leaning towards the CBR..thanks again
  6. 10 hrs sounds like a great ride to get to know your new bike!

    it's an open ended question RE the kms on a bike, purely depends on servicing, the amount of thrashing, etc. etc. its all subjective really.
    you need to inspect both!
  7. Thanks Joel...I would love to do 10 hr ride...however yesterday on my Q-ride (about 4 hrs) I found out what my perineum was..nothing more to say.. :LOL:
  8. hey pro pilot
    did you find that the 07 600rr still had more low-mid range than the 08 r6?
  9. I have a power commander on mine, so its extended the mid-range a lot more than stock.
    The 08 R6 pulls almost the same as this, except its stock. I must say that the 08 R6 is a real weapon and does give the cbr 07 a run for its money.
    However the mid-range on the 07 and previous R6's is not as perky.

    I believe the power stats for the cbr600rr 07 is ~88 kw. The 08 R6 is ~95kw.
    Most of this forming up in the mid-range. So its almost a 8% increase at around 10,000 rpm.
    Not sure what tunning and a PCIII will do to the new R6. My guess is that it will liberate mostly top end and leave the mis-range pretty stable.

    The other contender is the zx6r.
  10. interesting thanks for that
    i had a pc3 with custom map and full akra evo on my 07 600rr and it had great pull from down low (for a 600). i was very nearly gonna get an 06-07 r6 until i test rode the 07 600rr.

    the variable intake tech looks interesting. might have to test drive a new 08 r6 thats if i dont already sprain my nuts swinging a leg over.
  11. I'm betting a few test rides will help clear it up for you. I prefered the look of the R6s, but after test-riding, I couldn't get it back quick enough. Just depends on what feels right for you. It felt too race-like for me. Then I tried the 07 RR... don't do that unless you can afford it!
  12. i know what you mean pinkxie
    i felt the honda was a better fit for me too

    but boy does the R6 look sexy and i love the scream
  13. what about a Kawi 636 how do these hold up to the CBR's and R6's. I i think they stopped making em in 06?
  14. the kwaka and gix are good bikes too
    you really just gotta go sit and test ride them and decide which on fits you best as they are all so close to each other in terms of performance.
  15. Try and get an 05 or 06 model, you can probably find one for 10K or a tad more if you look hard enough. They're a bit more powerful, weigh less and are easier to service. I own an 03 and couldn't be happier with her, but removing the ducktail to add brake fluid it's a bit of pain!! :twisted:
  16. if your budget really is below $10k for a 600RR, DO NOT go and test ride the 07/08 600rr. it is such an improvement over the previous generations that you are sure to blow your budget.
  17. I was parking my lil CBR250RR in amongst the bigger bikes down behind my work and this guy on a 600RR '07 model comes on in and parks right next to me. It was the black one and looked awesome. Nice lines (though not as aggressive looking as the R6).

    Any we got talking and he had owned the 600RR '06 and said that the two bikes were like chalk and cheese, with the '07 one being so much fun to ride, he grinned.

    It's about 15 Kg heavier than my lil blade and a bit taller, perfect for those who want a really responsive bike.

    Everything I've read and heard about the latest 600RR just points to an increadibly well thought out bike that is well refined.

    A friend of mine was recently in the market for a new bike and was looking at a 600RR '06. He was able to spend over $10k, so I said hell, for an extra couple of grand, he could get a new RR. I told him about all I had heard about the '07 model and said he should test ride it before spending cash on the '06.

    Looks like he did, because he walked out with the '07. Got it on-road with 12 months rego, a full tank and some extra bits and pieces for $14k. I'm still on my Ls, but damn, I want one, too.
  18. im kinda leaning towards the R6 myself, mainly because i just love them!

    I really want a 2008 but i cant really justify spending that amount of money but dam they are hot!!!! :jerk:

    Im prob gonna go with a 2006 R6, but we will see how we go. I dont mind the CBR but the R6 just has something about it which means business.

    For a commuter, ya, logic says the CBR, but meh :p
  19. From all the reading i have done it sounds like anything between 05 & 07 in in teh R6 is a track weapon with no real world application, but in 08 they have built a bike you can ride again. When it comes to 08 models it is amazing the diference in sadle shapes teh manufacturers have. The ZX6R feels like utter crap for me, but the R6 feels just sooo comfortable. Without slinging a leg over you really won't know what suits your body shape, and that will mean more than any graphs off a Dyno.
  20. Ya i totally agree, 05 to 07 R6's seem to be a great track bike, but its so tempting to have it as a road bike.

    The 08 R6 defo seems like the 600 bike of the year, i really dont fancy the 600rr, esp the looks....

    Ill be honest, im gonna buy a bike on how i feel on it, both comfort and just the way it makes me feel. And the R6 does that for me.

    For example im on the 250rr atm and i recently crashed it and have been borrowing my mates VTR250 and hey its a nice bike, even really a better commuter but.. theres just something about the 250rr... and when it comes to 600 bikes, its the R6.

    So really, unless your a Rossie and really goin to get the most out of the bike then buy the bike that makes you feel like that, comfort and such is important but like with the VTR example, it just doesnt put the same smile on my face like the CBR :]