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CBR600RR LED indicator mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Lukerutten, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and gals, just wondering if anyone has done this as I have a mate who has performed the change of indicators but the flashing is too fast.

    We have done some research on the relays but apparently they don't work with the hazard setup. Is this right or will they work? If not what is the process to make these work correctly. Resistors? What ohms? Etc

  2. They will work if you get a 4 pin relay. The two pin ones wont work
  3. Changing the flasher can is the easiest solution for one that is rated for LEDs. Otherwise you need to increase the current draw to be the same as the standard globe structure.

    21 watts x 2 (front and rear) = 42watts
    R = V2/Power so about 4 or 5 ohms. One for each side. They need to be fairly high power rating. Something like THIS

    But flasher can change is easier.
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  4. Actually if only changed the back you will need about 8 ohm to get the factory flash rate. I know this. Father in law is electrician and we talked through all this when I changed my rear indicators.
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  5. And yes flasher can is easier. Look on ebay for 4 pin plug and play led flasher relay to suit hondas. Most hondas are the same probably other than the stuff that rolls out of thailand
  6. Thanks guys, so 4 pin it is. This is a direct swap or does it need to be added after the original.
  7. If it says it suits the model honda on ebay listing it should be direct swap plug and play. They are a little more expensive than two pin, which are.not aussie bike compatible. And resistors work but they also get hot and space is sometimes at a premium
  8. Thanks rrdevil! You have answered all my questions. Appriciate the help