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CBR600RR fork dust seal removal

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by trd2000, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,
    I wasnt to remove the dust seals to get at the oil seals with a seal doctor. Bike hasnt bee ridden in a while and when i took it out it started leaking... theres a fair bit of gunk but the forks have only done a couple of thousand k's since service and fresh oil.

    I tried getting a flat scredriver between the upper mtal part of the fork and the rubber dust seal but it wont go in... the seal seems inflexible. is this normal? I dont want to force it if i'm doing it wrong and either trash the dust seal or scratch the fork stanchion..... how does one remove the bloody dust seal????

  2. If it's upside down forks simply pry the dust seal very easy to do!
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  3. got it :)

    found a vid on youtube in russian... use a really small screwdriver and whack it in with the palm of your hand, 2 or 3 places round the seal and it should pop out.

    got some gunk out of the seal, and a fair bit of oil, cleaned the stanchion, now waiting to see if it keeps leaking.
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  4. I saw that trd ......... a good pictorial write up on 600rr.net too.