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CBR600rr 24000km Service Help

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ltflippy, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I have recently gotten a second hand CBR600RR 2008. It needs it 24000km service, where would people suggest I take it to get it serviced in Melbourne. I know Peterstevens but I find them expensive and often try and fix things which are not broken. Also what would I expect to pay?

  2. Jefferson Honda out ferntregully seem to have a good name, Everything 2 Wheels in Ftizroy seems a popular choice by alot of people here, as is 60 Degrees out east. There is a thread atthe moment asking about favored workshops, have you looked there?
    Congrats on the purchase byt he way, oh yeah Mototechnics I believe is popular too.
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  3. 60 degrees did a good job with mine. same engine as yours. Cost me 615 with rear brake pads. will be an expensive one as it will need 4 new iridium spark plugs and valve clearance check.
  4. Hi thanks for the responses, i have had a look around and got a few quotes and have booked in with 60 degrees, they quoted $450 (plus parts) and told me to expect about 600 and told me they wouldnt replace things that didnt need it (as i have just had a rw done so brake pads and fluid is all good) Everywhere else was quoting $998 and were going to replace everying no matter what. So far what I have been told about 60 degrees seems true.
  5. Yep, they are a good bunch who will just tell you how it is. No upselling bs
  6. everything two wheels in fitsroy north. it was a half hour ride for me but they are in my eyes the best. very straight forward and professional
  7. +1 for E2W. Been taking my Honda to him since i got it (y)