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CBR600RR 2010 Release Date?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Levih, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Anyone have a head up what month this bike will be released.

    Took me a year to save around 16k, and Im ready to purchase :)


  2. who cares, its a honda :) :) :)
  3. plus i hear this is 1 of the new paint jobs on the new cbr's

    if u look closely its actualy a woman

  4. Exactly,

    If i wanted to know about a Retard6 I would of asked :p
  5. I'm actually getting the Orange model and getting it resprayed Red
  6. well that where u are wrong my friend, u did ask, its called a honda like i said :)
  7. They release around mid March i am pretty sure :-s
  8. I checked with my Honda dealer a few months ago as I was also thinking about getting the '10 600rr and he gave me an estimate of May. I've since decided to put the purchase back a year to wait for the '11 (not just a paint job make over, but a completely new bike).
  9. Gross :sick:
    Who would intentionally ruin a perfectly decent coloured bike with RED? Red is the most over-rated and over-used colour in motoring history.
  10. Im doing what Honda did not, sticking true to the brand color!
  11. So what are you saying, you dont ride women? :p
  12. this is very nice
  13. Will never come out of the Honda factory looking like that.

    It's Honda, FFS.
  14. that's most likely a paint job for other countries. Australia usually gets the more plain paint jobs, and 1 race replica paint scheme.
    Besides, is the 2010 model any different to the 2009 model? (doesnt look to be apart from colour scheme). Get a run out 2009 model and save your money.
  15. The 2010 is the same as the 2009 except the new paint jobs, only reason I'm staying on a 250 is to wait for the revamped 2011.
  16. is the 2011 model gonna look like the 1000rr? I didnt like the 1000rr at first but it really grows on you after a while. but you dont have to stare at the current 600rr to admit thats its sexy
  17. LOL Levi aren't u still on your Ls? :-s

    Where have u been mate I haven't seen u out in ages?

  18. Ill be on my P's, and its only a weekend bike so Ill take my chances.

    And i havn't been out anywhere becuz I ride a 125....

  19. silly mate, but its your life
  20. you haven't outgrown your 250, why the rush?