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CBR600RR (2007+) vs YZF-R6 (2006+)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mugen86, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. CBR

  2. YZF

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  1. I'm a new rider dreaming of the day when society deems it fit to waiver the restrictions they have placed on my pride, ego and red light take-off speed ;). So here I am... restricted to sitting on my CBR250RR, eyes closed revving the engine and imagining its a 600cc.

    Ok so here's the deal... I have looked at many sport bikes and I find the two listed above to be most aesthetically appealing. I need to make a choice and I am hoping that some riders with more experience on or with either one or both of the machines listed will help me decide which one is better suited for me.

    I want a bike to ride around the city and look really really cool while doing so. I also want one that is fuel efficient (for a sport bike in the 600cc class). I am not a racer and I never intend to be but I do enjoy the thrill of high speed cornering and leaving traffic behind (don't we all?).

    SO my question is what are the pros/cons for each of these bikes as road vehicles?
  2. You have a much more vivid imagination than me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Who cares about looks, Go sit on them. Generally the bike which feels best to be on will be more comfortable during every day use.
  3. Of those two the R6 is the more hard-core race type bike in both seating position and engine characteristics, IMO, although they're both very quick and very good bikes, so the CBR is going to fit your needs better. There may be other bikes that do it even better, like the CBR600F, but I guess it depends on what you consider looks good.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The Harleys are that way -->

    They are both good bikes, run a search on netrider and even more useful;

    GOOGLE it, there are dozens and dozens of reviews, go read them all. When you get fulls go test ride them and others, then decide.
  5. I'd love a Harley they look and sound fkn awesome but... 3 things...

    1. they are cruisers so they have a slow take-off speed

    2. they are heavy and use a lot of petrol

    3. (most importantly) I'm asian, so if I'm riding anything other than a rice-burner, people will think I'm trying too hard to assimilate. Type "asian harley" into youtube and you will get 23 results... the first one is titled "How to be Asian" -- this video contains instructions on how to be asian with Harley Chin.
  6. Mate you sound very shallow, so get whichever bike has more bragging rights, fairing and bling.
  7. If you're buying the bike for the looks and coolness factor then yeah, probably go with the R6, looks wise it slightly edges out the CBR600RR IMO.

    Like what was said earlier, you have to go sit on/ride a fair few different bikes before you'll know. Every person will find a different bike better/worse.

    I looked at a number of different bikes when getting my L's. Ended up liking the CBR250's the most, then fell in love with the old school CBR250R '87 model. Quite a Fugly bike, but when I rode her, liked her heaps more than the RR models. Who cares if the bike looks cool, its not going to change the fact that when you're riding it, its uncomfortable/makes your wrists hurt/scares you.

    If you're planning on using the bike for the "coolness" factor you might want to consider the R1/CBR1000RR? You can pop huge burn outs, easy wheelie's and go really really fast in a straight line!
  8. I'm asian and I ride a Hornet. I do have a Supra, but its an ancient one and me and the missus will be buying a mach1 mustang sometime in the future to build up :)

    I must be trying to assimilate heh heh...
  9. mugen86 you have real image problems... forget what things look like and think about what they achieve. If you want a harly a buel a Triumph or a BWM go for it, Who gives a Flying toss what other people think of it.
    If you want a rice burner go for that... Same goes.

    As for 07CBR or 06R6 From what I have read the CBR is a better handleing bike, and it has better power delivery for the road. The R6 is more peaky for the track.

    Untill you swing your leg over it is all achademic, if you don't fit on teh bike it is not going to suit no matter what the engine is like.
  10. mugen? Drives a Honda? Figures.

    If you buy a 600 make sure you're able to handle it as it will be a shock jumping from 250 to 600...

    Though I think your getting it for the wrong reasons [posing] and thats dumb.
  11. ^according to Honda's research, only 5% of sports bikes ever hit the track. I think people who buy sports bikes to race them are exceptional and "posers" are the norm -- like people who prefer sportier looking cars.

    Hah I'm sorry please don't take me too seriously... I was only trying to make a joke :p

    I'm just attracted to the look of the models listed above and the performance of sportier bikes.

    The reason why I want a 600 is that they are smaller, lighter and more agile -- have better handling... so closer to my 250 than a 1000, plus they are a bit cheaper.

    So I have read as well that the CBR is designed to better meet the needs of road users -- steering dampener, better mid range... but thats only what I have heard from Honda and Honda sponsored reviewers. I would very much like to hear from somebody who has ridden both of these bikes, that way I would at least get an unbiased view :).
  12. image problem aight...

    get over yourself and test ride those bikes...
    oh and is mummy/daddy buying your bike for you too?
  13. Now your just being silly. :LOL:
    Also consider the Daytona 675 if the dollars are there to fund it.
    It does have the drawback of having the R6 Style agressive stance, but it puts out power lower down than the Honda, and Has sharper handleing (By all accounts).
    Just ask [FLUX] He will give you his "unbiased" opinion :grin:
  14. only on net rider will you find these kind of "what glove do you put on first" questions :mad:

    but anyways
    07 600rr better on the street
    06 R6 more track focused but fixable with a 520 conversion to make it more streetable
    675 Also a great bike, a bit tall for some, bit expensive brand new and... (personally) a bit weary of reliability with 2nd hand bikes to not have factory warranty (seen 3 at the track fail in the last month)

  15. Google is your friend. There are a million cbr600 vs r6 reviews by bike magazines.

    The cbr tends to kick butt :grin:

    Check out this review http://tinyurl.com/6mrhdb (has a nice dyno chart on page 2)
  16. I wouldn't buy a current shape R6 - especially not for track use. There's some fault in the design of the tank that makes them catch fire when they slide during a fall - fuel comes out and barbecues the whole bike. Ask the poor bugger in the first video on this link - he posted his story here somewhere.


    So, uh, go the CBR. Or even better, a Triumph 675. I'd encourage you to get some skillz up and become a rider not a poser, those guys get no respect from me.
  17. Meh, I give the guy credit for at least being honest. I reckon most of the people who buy a sportsbike will say they're buying it for the performance, to use on the track, etc but inside the main reason they're buying it is to look cool. I don't see anything wrong with this either for what it's worth. If you will enjoy the feeling of riding around on something you think looks cool, go for it.

  18. i just got home from uni.. and i opened up this thread again.
    The only thing that pisses me off is.

    Seriously, if you want to shy away from this stereotype just stop acknowledging you want to "look really really cool" in public. Ain't that what ricers are about? All show no go?
    *end rant*
  19. Agreed nothing wrong with looking cool....oh and the R6 performs pretty well in lots of racing catagories around the world,current shape or not. :p
  20. wtf i never knew they turned into fireballs

    thanks for bringing that up, i was lining myself up to buy one