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CBR600RR 2007 *Just added R6 07, Daytona 675, CBR1000 added

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Righty, May 13, 2007.

  1. Someone suggest I put this in here, so here it is.

    Tested the CBR600RR today... Will give review later, have to run now...

    REALLY looking forward to the 675 test.

    Okay, so heres the review.

    First thing, I thought I was going to fall over the front wheel, but I got used to the riding position soon enough. Next thing was the "Go factor". Or what I thought was the "slow factor" I was decidedly un impressed with the low end power but having never ridden a sport bike before I soon worked out that, that is not what they do.

    On the SV I pretty well have plenty of power from about 4k on. But...... it was no less power than what I usually have on the SV.

    Traffic was an absolute mofo but in hind sight it was a good way to see what it was like in conditions that I would typically use it.

    Eventually I found a quiet street and decided to rev the thing to see if it did have any ticker. WOOOHOO!!! I found it! It really did get moving when you had it revving. I was very impressed.

    So, for now... I'm liking this sport bike thing, my wrists were a little sore, but I started to use my legs to grab on and found the strain instantly gone. I am a big fan of the fact that the only way you could get into trouble on this bike is if you meant to do it. They are very friendly when you ride it like you didn't steal it. I was fearful that it would be uncontrollable zip the whole time.

    I loved the ride, suspension wise. I loved the smooth feeling on the inline 4 as opposed to a twin, I really liked the lack of "on/off" when applying and removing throttle compared to my SV.

    Will take the daytona for a cruise next weekend, I'm very excited. I loved the CBR and if the Daytona is as good as everyone says, than I just can't wait. :grin:


    Took a pic while I had it ;)
  2. Basically I am in the market for a 600+cc sport bike. I am testing them all over the next few weekends and just wanted to share my thoughts with others. I currently have an 06 sv650. See "garage" bike.
  3. thanks for sharing, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread
  4. The only thing I don't like about the CBR600RR 2007:

    1. The small farings.

    2. The price :p

    Other than that, i'd have one. For sure.
  5. Nice review buddy

    another couple of bikes ya might want to test ride is the new k7 zx600r and the R6

    from all reports these 2 bikes are weapons.

    Me personally would go the CBR, not that I'm biased or anything :p
  6. Already have rides on the r6 and zx lined up. :grin: Im waaaay ahead of you ;)
  7. The new zx6r's look unreal. The green colour is pretty average but the orange and black look pretty tidy!
    No idea how it rides though, not that it counts as long as you've got the looks and chicks dig it, cause lets face it, thats what motorbiking is really all about :)
  8. sweet sounds like ya gunna have some fun :cool:
  9. Thanks for the review, keep 'em coming!
  10. Don't forget the GSXR 750, it might just surprise you :shock:
    More usable torque around town, no decernable size difference, and still has a screaming top end.

    The 675 is damn sleek though.
  11. I think alot of people tend to forget about the GSXR750......
  12. Rapid Magazine just did a huge 600 supersport comparo with Wayne Gardner track testing the R6, ZX-6R, GSX-R600 and CBR600RR. The bikes are also punted for a few thousand kilometres on the road and dyno runs were part of the test.

    The CBR600RR '07 wins this comparo.
  13. Agree, but it's not a matter of forgetting for me, it's a matter of the extra $$ and insurance etc.
  14. Rapid mag is unbelievably biased when it comes to reporting Honda performance in my opinion (and many others!), not to mention WG's affiliations...

    Masterbike is still the supreme track test. Testing the real world riding abilities of the supersports is an oxymoron to me.
  15. Yeah rapid is obviously very track orientated so their road reviews usually aren't very helpful.
  16. I assure you, my reviews will be entirely road based. I'm not brand loyal either, I just want to get the best bang for my buck. :) If anything, I am biased towards money :grin:
  17. And even then, who gives a rats arse about "the winner". It's all down to how the bike feels for the person riding it. My bike ('06 triumph 675) is amazing for me but I know of people who have ridden one and it feels totally "wrong". Mainly due to the size/height/body-arms-legs lengths etc all combined. So, make sure you find a bike that makes YOU feel great when riding it. Don't worry about about some "reviewer" or "journo" giving it thumbs up/thumbs down for riding unless it's about reliability and mechanical "stuff ups" or things that need attention.

    The way the bike rides really means nothing in reviews simply because of how subjective the actual thing is to do. But if the bike likes to kill pistons/spark plugs/whatever every few thou kilometres, then that's something that really is something you'd like to know about before a possible purchase :eek:

    Oh, and from what I hear, "my" bike won it's class again by a heap. *yawn* I had a fun time riding it today! It's a lot more fun than reading a review of other people riding my particular model that I have :wink: :grin:

    Best of luck with finding a bike/s that give you much joy! (to everyone looking for a (new) bike ) *yawns*, time for a small nap I think. Now that I've eaten dinner, I *NEED* one!!

  18. Even though you appear to be teasing me (telling me about your bike assamahole) I agree totally. Which is the entire reason I am testing them all. Like I said, I am not bran loyal and just want to spend my hard earnt on something that I will be happy with.
  19. If you reckon the CBR feels like you atre going to fall over the front wheel -wait till you sit on the 675 Trumpy :shock:
    I have tried very hard to like the 675 but I just could not handle the ride position.
    And this is from someone that rides a 400. Just my perspective anyway.
  20. These bikes are all so unbelievably awesome, you buy the one you like the look/colour of and the one that fits you the best. They are all fantastic.