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CBR600RR 04 Chain & Sprokets

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by JoeyPav, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. I'm a little confused when advertisers list things as "Conversion Kits"

    I dont really want to convert anything, I just want another standard set of sprockets with a good Chain. At present I have a 42 tooth on the rear, (I think) a 15 on the front and am quite happy with that. Would 1 tooth extra / less make a lot of difference?


    Are these what I should be looking for?

    (PS: CBR600RR 03 and 04 are the same)

  2. a whole forum of "riders" and nobody knows?
  3. My theory on it:

    15 front, 42 rear; = 2.8:1 = 2.8 revolutions of your front to one revolution of your rear.

    Changing a tooth would change your ratios. Remember your mountain bike? When the hills would get really hard, you'd choose a small cog on the front, and big one on the back. You'd then use less force to crank the peddles, but would travel slower.

    Same stuff.

    Increasing your rear teeth count would give you more acceleration, less top end speed.
    Decreasing your rear teeth count would give you less acceleration, more top end speed.
    Increasing your front teeth count would give you less acceleration, more top end speed.
    Decreasing your front teeth count would give you more acceleration, less top end speed.

    (in theory, there might be more to it, experts please correct me).

    The moral:

    If your not worried in changing your acceleration and top end speeds, go nuts.


    If your speed is taken off your gear box, your speedo will read incorrect. There's these things called "speedo healers" which you enter in your new teeth count and it adjusts for you. You'll need one of these if you change your sprockets.

    My advice, try and get stock if you just want to replace your sprockets and chain.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  4. The words "conversion kit" also mean dropping the heavy standard 525 or 530 chain down to a 520 chain, which is narrower and lighter. That will improve the handling of the rear end.

    The alternate ratio offered in your example would accelerate better...usually when racing you gear the bike to suit the track and would therefore have a number of different / alternate ratios.

    A word of caution here about alternate ratio's. You also need to keep in mind that if the sprockets are smaller in diameter then the rear wheel will be further to the rear of the bike which will alter the wheelbase....changing the handling. ( the ability to remove a link from the chain helps here )

    In your example, if you read the description, that is exactly what is offered....

    "Fits 2003-2006 models
    Quick Acceleration Aluminum Street Conversion Kit.
    Drop that heavy 530 size chain for these 520 aluminum conversion kits.
    These unique "all in one" kits come complete with an RK Racing chain and both front and rear sprockets, making them the perfect solution for a complete gearing makeover.
    RK chain kits include RX or XW-Ring chain for maximum lubrication and protection of the plates and rollers.
    The front race sprocket is chromoly with drilled lightening holes to reduce weight for improved performance. The rear race sprocket is from Vortex and is made of 7075 T6 aluminum alloy.
    OE Gearing (Teeth) - 16 (Front) / 43 (Rear)
    Q/A Gearing (Teeth) - 15 (Front) / 43 (Rear)
    OE Ratio - 2.69
    Q/A Ratio - 2.87

    Q/A 520 Race Conversion 520 Kit with 520XSO-112 race chain."