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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gofast, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. hey all

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the cbr600f/f3/f4/f4i and such

  2. a 3, then 1 and then an i - in that order.


    Welcome to NR

  3. I can't help too much but the F4i was given the thumbs up by many a little while ago as a good value for money bike. Maybe that's the one to go for.
  4. Not much I believe. The F4i was the only fuel injected model.
  5. Earlier models ( pre 98 I think ), were heavier.
    2000 models ( FS ) had a banana seat, later models received Fuel Injection ( F4i ). Model superseded by the CBR600RR.
    A Great Bike .. was my 2nd choice
  6. thankyou guys

    think im gonna go for 2001 and up with the banana seat

    is thier much benefit buying a 2006 model over a 2001 besides age?
  7. Yeah you get 5 more.

    ...is this getting old yet...?
  8. 5 more what?
  9. [​IMG]

    (I'm not being very helpful. Just quietly ignore me...)
  10. Sorry, I'll be helpful now :LOL:

    checkout this link
  11. haha no worries...
  12. A rode a couple from that era, including the F4i, the 3 (A friends, so I've jumped on it a couple of times) and 2. Found the 2 and 3 to be much in the same vein, which is to say uninspiring and dull, with a heavy but planted feeling. Felt great a speed, really stable. Not fast feeling, but the 3 has a tasty kick at 7.5-8k rpm. If your after a sporty tourer, with more tourer than today's sport bikes, but more sport than today's sport tourers. They're all there.

    The F4i has a funky feeling throttle, quite snatchy when you pussy foot around, and it seemed to cough up the odd false neutral. Same stableness as the others with a little more agility. Still felt top heavy and not chuckable (Compared to today's gazelles) but other wise much of the same with added fuel injectioness. Just remember the bikes I rode whilst fairly well maintained, where all high KM bikes and you might be able to find one in far better nick.

    All in all, If I wanted to go for a nice trip with enough room for some twisty's but come out on the other side still capable of walking, then those are your bet. And if you offered me one for free, I wouldn't knock it back. Whilst I'm still arthritis free though, it's not where I'd put my money.
    Hope that Helps, and good luck.
  13. f4i is the best bike ever imo, I have had 3 of them, they are the easiest street bike for wheelies. with a real smooth rev range.
  14. I really would like a gsxr600 or cbr600rr but also like to go on road trips when i can. I'm 21years old. Are the supersports that bad to tour on?