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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by minglis, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. So, I picked up a new bike today:

    2002 CBR600F4i...


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  2. eyyy good job a cbr! I always wanted this one as my upgrade. I reckon this version with the 2 part seat looks way better than the later banana seat models. Nice!
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  3. Looks like the bars are higher than on a CBR600RR.
    Should be more comfortable for commuting
  4. yeah they were marketed as tourers I believe so they didn't get the RR designation of the 900s of same time. I reckon they are the shmickest looking jap bike from that era. Really the first of the jap manufacturers to move toward 21st century design.
  5. yeah looks great. I'll put it on my list of bikes to test ride
  6. I will likewise put it on my list of bikes to test right......see you in 20 days ;)
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  7. oh nice one dude... enjoy it in good health :)
  8. Ohhhhhhh, nice.
    Good to see you had the sensible head on.

    ENJOY, Mate.
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  9. That picture is a bit deceiving. The bars are quite low. I know the F4i does have bars a little higher than the RR, but they are still very low for me. It will take some getting used to.
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    Very purty ...
    have to ask though .... handle bar risers ??

    oopsie just read your post .... was going to add or deceiving pic LOL ..

    ps ... if you're getting the fork il changed give streetmaster a looksie
  11. This might give a better view.

    Attached Files:

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  12. minglis, you'll soon get used to the lower bars although you'll need to grip the tank with your knees a bit more to prevent fatigue in the arms though.
  13. Yeah, that's why I want the stomp grip. I need to ride to Albury next week. That'll test me :)
  14. very nice one, a couple of my friends have them they look great sounds great lots of fun , enjoy
  15. ah, yes, the thinking-man's sports bike!!!
  16. That's a clone of my baby :) Except my gf crashed it so she's a bit scraped up :(
  17. Congrats! Great choice, wish you many happy miles and smiles with it. :)

    Just as an aside, if you're thinking about stomp grip for commute, would also suggest checking out techspec (grippy, but not as aggressive) . Unless perhaps commuting in leathers, stompgrip can be a bit rough on the legs.

    Enjoy! (y)
  18. Very nice, same as mine except mines white and red. I've owned a ZX6R and GSXR600 and the F4i is by far the most fun to ride and comfy. I did Syd to Melb in a day and wasn't even that sore when I got home.
  19. That is a FINE looking lady in red, damn fine! Nice.