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CBR600F4i & The Right slip-on can, What should I do?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm about to pick up an F4i that I have bought and am not sure what slip-on can to get. I had a lot of trouble in the past with a Tingate on my old F4 and finally dumped it, settling on a Remus GrandPrix that seemed to work well making me very happy.

    Although, the F4*i* is fuel injected and I feel may need a power commander, and re-mapping work, if I get a pipe and want it to be smooth in the rev range.

    Questions is, what is a good pipe for the F4i that will be ok without a power commander & remapping? Or will I have to do both at the same time with any pipe.

    Can anyone help? :shock:

    Thanks all..............
  2. Hey what was the problem with the tingate ???
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  4. Tingate

    :( The pipe was very loud and made me feel sick when riding the bike. It also didn't have a bracket from preventing the centre stand from touching the chain (Had to get thta done).

    I had Tingate modify the pipe, to fix the noise.

    The pipe also made the bike shocking below about 7k revs and it wanted to stall. It had good power in the top end, but that was no good for going to work.

    The Remus was much better straight off.
  5. Thansk for that link StereoHead
  6. You could probably get away with any can, it may not run 100% but it won't be far off. I can't imagine the stock exhaust would be THAT restrictive. Changing to a Yoshi would give you a little more flow and a great noise but I can't see it changing your a/f ratio dramatically, particularly in an EFI bike.
    If you went to a K&N as well, then you'd probably be looking at a remap. But how much money are you willing to spend for 5 extra HP?
  7. All good points there.

    I recently put a Arkapovic on my '05 ZX6R and it says on the website no dyno work required. That's crap, I have a flat spot now and don't want to do the same with my CBR.

    I am thinking of getting a Yoshi & Power Commander from www.HardRacing.com as it's about AU$850 for both together delivered.

    Looks like I will have to fork out around $1k all up to get it right on the CBR with dyno work.

    Trouble is once you've had a dyno tuned bike, you really notice when your bike is out of wack in the revs dept.

    I had my old Hayabusa dyno-ed and re-mapped with Yoshi cans and the difference was huge. The crisp throttle response was just quite amazing, even if I didn't use the extra hp in the top end. It totally made it seem worth the money.

    Still giving it thought tho....
  8. Heya..

    I'm hopefully getting a Devil High mount slip on installed on my F4i this weekend, if everythign goes smoothly. Will let you know how it all goes. I also have a K&N filter panel, and am hoping that I wouldn't have to do a remap. Don't really see the point spending like 1k for a measly 5hp..
  9. Devil's

    Hey Jho,

    :?: Am very curious how your devil goes and if you bike still goes well.

    How did the devil high mount cost & where did you get it? :?:

    Thanks & Goodluck :)
  10. I bought mine with a Micron already on it. Absolutely no complaints about it. Sounds great and no remapping required. Very happy with it!
  11. Same here, but actually had the Micron put on. Only problem was that I lost the pillion pegs (not that it worried me). And I am happy also. :grin:
  12. I bought the SP1 with a yoshi full system on it, told the dealer to ditch the stock zorsts.

    I bought and fitted a PCII. Bloody awesome they are.
    Muched around with maps for 1/2 a day. Eventually settled in a map that some guy was using in the states on his RC51 with full Yoshi Ti system.

    It was awesome, bike ran amazingly once I had the right map uploaded.

    Good Luck with it all, I recommend the Yoshis an time :) I'm biased though, I've had them on all bikes.....no, not the 250, that was stock :)
  13. Hmm, Thanks all those thoughts guys/ gals. I'm a little biased towards Yoshi's though.

    I've had Yoshi's before and got a very good result when the bike was mapped to the pipes, was just so amazingly different when done right.

    I am thinking the Yoshi might be the go. I am thinking that I'd like to keep this F4i for awhile because it's just such a nice bike to ride and I think the money spent on it will be well worth it.