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CBR600F4i and friends

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by philfromaccounting, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Hi gang, long time lurker, first time poster.

    Research has lead me to believe my next bike should be a CBR600F4i.

    I have considered a couple of others along the journey, namely the FZ6s and FZ8 fazers (haven't ruled these out yet), VFR800, various Ninjas. The common themes are I want a sporty, faired bike that's comfortable, and a sensible step up from a CBR250R. I'm also partial to a light, sweet sounding, high revving 4 banger, so bonus points for that. The 600-800cc class seems a good spot, I don't see the need to go more.

    There's a bit of information in reviews floating around about the 2001 CBR600F4is we got in Australia, which appear to be the split seat, sportier ones. From 2004ish on, they revert back to the 'banana' seat models, which appear to be the "standard" overseas models.

    I'm looking at these standard ones, the end of the line around 2005 and 2006. Looking at these in pictures on bikesales, they do not appear to have centre stands, which was a feature on the standard overseas models but done away with on the sportier ones. Could anyone confirm whether these had a centre stand? And any other goodies these models had?

    Also, is there anything known problems to look out for on the F4is? Any personal reviews/experiences of the bike?

    Lastly I'm open to suggestings for other bikes.

  2. I don't think the F4i has a centre stand, but a paddock stand is pretty cheap. Back a few years ago when it was a current model, it was regarded as one of the best all-rounders going..
  3. Maaaatttteee , one of the best bikes ever made. Friggin loved mine. Sold mine and got a 1000 for some stupid reason. Missed it ever since. Power delivery for a road bike was awesome, handled unreal, comfy for a sports bike. Seriously thinking about getting another one
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  4. A good friend of mine had a 2006 600F4i and he was mightily impressed. It did everything well without being a RR. I can confirm it didn't have a centre stand. In fact I think he still has the rear paddock stand.

    I can vouch for the VFR800s. Nothing beats the V4 sound (with decent pipes) or the V4 VTEC surge you get at 6800rpm. Once you experience it its hard to ride below that threshold.
  5. The later model single seat one has non adjustable, lower spec front suspension from memory, compared with the 01-02 model. This May or may not be of concern to you
  6. I have an 2002 with 16000 klms that I bought six months ago. I believe the only real problem that may arise are the CCT's, but that is easy to replace. I use mine a track only bike and love it. I tried a RR and didn't like the feel. My road bike is a cbr1100xx and the F4I is like it in regards to riding position. No centre stand either
  7. I had a 2002 and sold it to a mate, wish I didn't. Change the sprockets and you'll power wheelie through the first 3 gears
  8. Lots of love for the cbr it seems! Thanks for the replies.

    One reason I was steering away from the VFRs is weight, it packs on ~40kegs more than the CBR. Otherwise it looks great, has a cracking engine, and meets the comfort requirements.

    Any opinions on the fazers?
  9. One of the men at work's son has a fazer and is happy with it.

    Yes the VFRs are a bit heavier (I don't think its 40kgs), but having one is like having a rather rare/collectable Ferrari. You can a VFR or you can have a 'normal' bike.
  10. You're right. It's a whopping 48kgs! 170kgs v 218kgs (both dry weight)
  11. One of the best CBRs ever made for everyday riding. Sporty enough to hit Putty Rd or Eastern Creek, and won't let you down on city streets.
    I'm still missing it. Newer CBR650FA may look similar from specs point of view, but gives different experience. No ABS on F4i though...
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  12. Prior to finding my ZX I too was searching for a nice F4i....
    It seemed a fruitless search as the few I found were umm.......rooted
  13. They all do seem to have a hundred thousand kms. I guess that is good in a way.
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    I guess all I can do is take both for a spin and see whether the weight of the VFR is a deal breaker.

    And thus that's the problem with the f4i... They're all at least 8 years old. Wish they had kept a softer 600 cbr past 2006. The new cbr650's seem too watered down...

    The budget will be somewhere south of 10k.

    Quick question to those with 600 supersports. Can you make them into an allrounder? Can you do the miles on them?

    I'm selling myself on a newer CBR600rr by looking at aftermarket seats and windscreens to fit the criteria I've outlined in my opening post. Moving away from the F4i as is pushing it age wise, and I'm sure the rr is more fun to ride.

    I admit I seem to show bit of Honda-bias, but the CBR seems to be regarded as the more comfortable in this category.
  15. 600 supersport is NOT comfortable by definition.

    None of them is, either CBR600RR or Daytona 675 ( being the most comfortable supersport starting from MY2014).
    Aftermarket seat will not change it. Since it's not the seat, it's lower back muscles calling rider "hey you bastard" after a couple hours of riding.
  16. Agreed, seat won't help for anything but numb-bum. You'd need to raise the bars and shift the pegs forward and down to do a credible impression of an sports tourer/all-rounder, maybe soften the suspension a bit too.

    But then, heaps of riders can live with their stock 600RR's as daily riders and for that once-a-year (maybe) interstate freeway trip. It depends on what your body can take and how much touring or serious commuting you do.
  17. Depends on your fitness as well, if you are fat it is harder
  18. Noted, thanks gang :)
  19. Suspension is ok, unless it's tuned for track. Pegs are not bad either. Installing clip-on risers will greatly affect seating position and add some comfort. At an expense of aerodynamics.

    But why buy supersport? Why not get a classic bike instead? If you are after a sporty ride suitable for everyday riding, look at bikes such as Triumph Street Triple. Essentially a naked Daytona with high handlebars, not clip-ons.

    I've been commuting on a Daytona for 2 years. Did a few inter-city rides. It all felt just wrong. It's pretty much the same as driving Lamborghini in CBD. Yes you can do it. No it's not worth it. Supersports belong to tracks. You don't need one to ride any public road around. Even Putty or OldPac. Better aero does not mean you can ride faster.
  20. What is it with the street triple owners and deciding everyone should have the same damn bike?