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CBR600f4(fx) won't start..??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ex-static, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. hey guys, wondering if any1 has any theories on why my 2000 CBR600f4 won't start.. its a track bike and has been sitting in shed for last year or so but i always start it and never had a problem.. but 2 weeks ago i went to start it and something near the battery went 'click' like the sound of a fuse or relay blowing but i checked them all (fuses) and they're fine.. after that it had no readout or anything on dash - nothing.. after a bit of fiddling i couldn't work it out so left it, then a week later i went to start it, turned the key and the dash lit up!!???.. turned it over and it went click again and lost power again??.. weird.. thought there might be a loose wire touching the frame but couldn't find anything.. now i have a guy coming to look at it this weekend and i can't even start it!..](*,) damn!!.. please help!

  2. Check battery terminals tight and corrosion free
    Check starter/solenoid terminals tight
    Sounds like a high reistance connection, ok at low load so dash lights look OK, but can't provide enough current to energise solenoid and starter.
    Could also be that the battery is flat/worn out, have you tried charging the battery or using jumper leads and a second battery?
  3. one of the relays may have a bung coil, once it heats up, it looses continuity, opening the circuit again.
  4. thanks guys.. battery is brand new motorex or some quality yanky brand.. no corrosion, terminals tight.. not even getting dash lights now..

    ..and if one of the relays has a bung coil doesn't it have to be running first to get heated up?... is the coil within the actual relay?..
  5. most relays in automobiles are mechanical, they have a bar connected to a switch, around the bar is a coil creating an electro-magnet. once power is applied to the electro-magnet, the bar is pushed forward to operate the switch

    as a crude representation: http://www.phidgets.com/wiki/images/a/a8/Mechanical_relay_diode.jpg

    in most vehicles, the key operates a relay as opposed to being the main switch on the ignition circuit
  6. well, i spent all day troubleshooting which is made a hell of lot easier by having an identical cbr to cross-reference..(i always carry a spare!).. so i swapped regulator/rectifier's and they're both ok.. as i did with starter relays and they're ok.. at some point the dash came on and she turned over!.. but joy was short-lived as it tripped again and then nothing.. so after disconnecting & reconnecting battery i had power and can definitely hear that the tripping circuit is the starter relay but there must be something else tripping it as the fuse has not blown once, and i swapped starters so it not the actual relay.. i checked the connectors and plugs and all seem fine.. could it be an exposed wire touching the frame somewhere?.. being a track bike there are a few things disconnected like indicators, fan, horn etc but none of the plugs are loose/touching and it has always started being like this until now.. trying not to get frustrated..actually i'm quite enjoying learning 'on the job' and the whole zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance thing, esp. knowing i'm saving hundreds of $ by doing it myself!.. going to get a voltmeter tomorrow(which i've never used) and start my course in electrical engineering!.. anyone got any tips?..
  7. At a guess, could it be two wires touching each other causing it to trip?
  8. Despite you saying the battery was new it sounds like low battery charge.

    - If you have a charger charge the battery for a few hours.
    - With your multimeter measure the resting state of the battery, should be in the high 12volt range for a battery with a full charge.
    - Have you tried jump starting it?
  9. no battery is not the issue..been keeping it topped up to 12v.. something is definitely tripping the starter relay as it's making an audible click even time i hit the ignition.. i'll get a mulimetre onto it and do a continuity test and hopefully that will show up the incomplete circuit...
  10. a relay will 'click' when turned on or off, the thing you have to watch is when it click when it is not supposed to.

    a relay clicking as soon as your ignition is turned on, shouldnt be anything to worry about unless it clicks again without any prompting.
  11. no by 'click' i mean the sound of the relay tripping.. i know starter relays click whenever you start a bike.. mine is tripping every time i try to start it and therefore not powering up/starting again until its reset by disconnecting & reconnecting the battery.. i think there's definitely a short somewhere..
  12. I think you need an auto/bike electrician to investigate. Sounds like an unusual problem that's not going to be solved by guesswork here.
  13. nah that's what these forums are for bud!.. plus its an opportunity to learn auto-electrics.. and as stated, I'm saving myself hundreds by not taking it to an auto-elec.. I remember when my Cressida had an electrical problem and I had to pay an auto-elec $350 for one day's work and it turned out to be a ****in stupid loose wire almost standing out like dog's balls which he claimed took him all day to find.. never again.. I'm on the cusp of learning a new trade!