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CBR600F3 my 1st bike after 18yrs

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by eWiz11, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Yes, my friends say I am going thru mid life crisis.. maybe. Tested a few bikes before deciding on this. It sat right and rode comfortable for me, comes with Megacycle exhaust and touring rack and bag. Was spot on budget and hopefully to ride it a couple of years before upgrading. Looking forward to develop ride skills and confidence with the NR members. I live in the Nunawading area, would appreciate if any NRiders could offer themselves as mentors.

    Any recommendations of mechanics in the area?


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  2. Nice bike! Love the aggressive paintwork.
  3. Yeah, that 'splatter-movie' paint scheme certainly catches the eye :LOL:

    Welcome (back) to two wheels, and to Netrider :)
  4. Brett from ******** in ferntree gully is pretty good :)

    nice bike, ive been looking at those for my (cheaper) upgrade :)
  5. Hey mate,
    Thats an F2. The F3 has a carbon handrail at the back, and different headlight..
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  7. Nice scoot. Probably the best all-round bike of the 90's. Welcome back to riding.
  8. Thanks guys for the comments. It is an F3 and I don't think the F2 has Direct Air Induction. Still it is an old bike and adequate for my riding pleasure. The Oggy Knobs are excellent..I had put down my foot too wide at an intersection and the Oggy knob took the fall. After 18 years it's all coming back.... Safe Riding everyone and god speed.
  9. It does but it has the ram scoops on the side. It was the first 600 to use it so I have been told.
  10. So whys it have an F2 color scheme and explain the haindrail please?:p
  11. LOL

    Here is an F3 with a hand rail.

    Here is my bike an F2 notice the front end difference? Also the side panels are different, the screen and dash are different. lol:butt:

    Oh and here is an F1, no ram air induction. Just so you know.
    Damn I am bored!
  12. Sweet, thanks for saving me posting pictures, the F3 has a more stylized handrail, Pic 3 and 2 are F2, pic 1 is F3. Your bike has the F2 handrail and color scheme.. = F2 :/ Unless you went out of your way to put an older model handrail?
  13. Hi Niven, Honda stopped the F2 Production in 1994 and it was F3 from 1995 - 1998, thereafter F4 and F4i in 2000. The handrails are not always standard, many F2, F3, F4 don't come with handrails. If you google CBR600F3 pics and also CBR600F2 pics you will see that the bike color scheme belongs to the 1995-1996 F3 schemes.

    Anyway thanks for your comments, it made me research the difference between the F2 and F3s. They are both older bikes now and I would have been satisfied with either. Cheers
  14. +1 eWiz11. Mine is my first upgrade and I love it. A friend of mine who raced superbikes back when they were released, said they were lapping PI 1-2 secs quicker than the 899 fireblade of the same year. He said they were a marvel for back when they first came out.
  15. nice...

    i live in Nunawading as well. PM me your details if you want.