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CBR600F3 Dyno Jet Kit

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Fleb, May 6, 2010.

  1. Good Evening,

    I am having a bouncing idle problem and believe it is related to the carbs sucking air from somewhere they shouldn't be.

    The plan was to rebuild the carbs but figured i would possibly put a Stage 1 Dynojet in for good measure. According to there site it is meant to smooth out the idle and rev range a lot.

    Any one done this before? Tried to find somewhere in AUS to buy but not exactly having much luck. Any recommendations?

    Anyone know if i would have to buy a rebuilt kit as well for all the seals?

    Thanks Guys,


  2. Hi Phil,

    I've considered doing this to my F3 - but haven't "taken the plunge" just yet...

    for supply - give the guys at dynobike a call - I've used them for servicing/tuning/dyno services in the past and know they do sell dynojet kits - see http://www.dynobike.com/dynojet_kits.htm

    As for your bouncing idle - it may not be an issue with the carbs sucking in more air - I had a similar thing where the engine was hunting at idle, turned out to be a bad batch of fuel (and a much easier fix). In saying that, I stripped my carbs down for an overhaul last weekend - what seemed like a daunting task at first, but proved to be well worth it (and not as hard as first thought)


  3. I had the Factory Pro kit recommended to me over the dynoject stuff due to kit quality. I took the F3 into my trusted mechanic (who used to race an F3) and got him to fit and tune. Best $500 I spent on the bike!

    The hole in power at 5.5k was mostly gone, it revved harder and faster and was generally a much better bike.
  4. I'm always very skeptical about off the shelf carbie kits. They are invarible made in the US and as such the original carbie jetting etc may have been different.

    for example it is not unheard of for bike manufacturers to run different neddle jets in the state (sometimes called emulsion tube). So a kit designed for those will effect an Australian model differently.

    I also don't think they put a lot of research into it. they just make some typical changes and if it makes a change they run with it.
  5. ibast what they allow for is greater tunability (is that a real word??). You don't just install the kit and hey presto you magically get +20Hp and a smooth bike.
  6. How?

    The ones I've seen usually consist of some different jets, a drill for the slides and maybe a different spring for the slide. With the exception of the spring all these things can be done by anyone with a clue and a jet kit.
  7. How this: Factory Pro do a kit for my bike, TRX850, a model that was never even sold in the states! :rofl:

    I needed it for the emulsion tubes which wear out on the downdraft carbs, but as Port 80 says, more tunable, it also includes a new needle with a different taper & 5 position e clip. The needle taper changes the fuel delivery in the midrange, they seem to be pretty well researched.

    Certainly nothing a good tuner couldn't do, though.
  8. I have always had more respect for Factory Pro. Their website gives me more confidence.

    and yeah I suppose if you are getting a more appropriate needle in the kit it is a bit of a win as getting different needles for all mikunis is not always easy.

    Still don't see how it makes it more tunable.
  9. The stock needle has no other grooves, you can't move it up & down. Middle position is standard, you've two leaner & two richer to play with.

    That's just for the TRX one though, I've not used any others.
  10. Ahh I see. Usually you just pack them, but that does only give you richer. Thankfully that is the much more common requirement.
  11. So the Factory Pro stuff is better from what you guys are saying?

    Going to rebuild the carbs while i am there but seems like i have to buy honda direct for those kits?

    Thanks Guys/Gals been a big help