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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. gday,
    just wondering how much it costs to run a CBR600? i am browsing thru a couple of bikes and atm a brand new cbr600 is outta my price range so i am looking at the early '90s CBR600 model.

    my main question is; how many kilometer can you get outta a single tank.
    and also how big is the fuel tank.


  2. Hey there champ..If you look in bikes for sale on the left hand side of ya screentheres one for sale there and you can ask the girl owner anything you wish to know about one

    p.s. Buy hers its in wicked nick for its price :D :D
  3. My CBR600F gets 250km to a tank before the yellow nearly empty like comes on and it doesnt have too much after that.. depends on how you've been riding, I got nearly 290km one time with commuting but that was pushing it, tank size is 17L with 3 L reserve :D

    Ps. I am selling my bike the trading post soon but am giving Netrider members first go :wink: :)
  4. Iam new owner to CBR600f4 model,I find it a terrific bike updating from a 250.
    Its economical,plenty of power,lots of torque,great sound(staytune can),easy to ride.
    Great value if your on a (purchase)budget.
    Shop around anyone with low k's should be a good buy.
  5. yeah, early cbr600s are great basic mid sized bike. easy to ride, comfy, kinda economic, fairly quick. can get a little exxy for what they are, but shop around a bit and you'll be right.

    have a look at the YZF600R (thundercat) aswell, same kinda thing as the earlier CBR600F except a little more grunty at the top end and feel a bit wider and more planted on the road. can be found cheap if you look around, but they came out in 96 so a lot of them have nice high price tags too.
  6. Need your opinion on Honda CBR600f

    Hi guys
    Im looking at getting myself a Honda CBR600f very soon but need some feedback about the bike so I know what Im looking at.
    Its a 99 model and done 21k

    Any feed back on problems, repairs, what to look out for etc is helpful


    Mozzie Rider
  7. Welcome mate. I take it you used to have a 125cc bike???
    Anyway, there's a current thread about the CBR600F, just do a search for that keyword and pick the latest 'hit'.
    The bike comes up for discussion on a regular basis.
  8. Thanks mate.. Im new at netrider..I use to ride a Yamaha FZR250.. so Im wondering about the riding posi too
  9. I have a 99 CBR6, done about 36,000 and am rapt with it. I was initially looking at 800s or 1000s when upgrading from a 250 but the 600 has more than enough get up and go for me. I get around 250ks before the fuel light comes on which means about 3 litres left. I usually get around 15ks per litre or about 6.5l/100ks. Servicing costs aren't that cheap (maybe $150-$200 average depending on what is being done) similar to cars, tyres are roughly $180/280 for front/rear and rego/insurance is also similar (if not more) to cars.

    Having said that, I wouldn't swap mine for anything (unless you offered $10,000) :D