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CBR600F...I'm confused, help!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hawkeye, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I am looking at older Honda CBR600Fs(F4is) and have looked at Bike Sales and other sites.

    My understanding is that the CBR600F(non-fuel injection) model stopped around 2000 and that new models builts after that were fuel injected and became CBR600F4i models and had similar sporting lines to the bike that replaced the F4i, the 600RR.

    Acccording to the MCNews.com.au review of the 2001 F4i, "Australia only receives one version of the CBR 600 and it is the sport model. In Australia it is known as the CBR 600 F4i."

    Where I am looking for info is that if you search on Bike Sales http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bikes/results.aspx?Cr=0&trecs=12&keywords=&seot=1&Nne=15&sid=12E76B03384A&SearchAction=N&Qpb=true&silo=1400&Ns=p_IsPoa_Int32|0||p_YearMade_Int32|1||p_PriceSort_Decimal|1&N=1432%20604%201430%201429%201428%204294967259%2082%204294961019 for CBR600F and F4i in Victoria, there appears to be various bikes...Mototecnic have a CBR600F which has F4i on the fairing but has CBR600F on the seat and it's not a sports seat.

    In the F4i search there are numerous bikes with sports seats and F4i on the fairing but there are also a couple of 2005 bikes that do not have F4i on the fairing and don't have a sports seat so you can see the confusion here.
    Have these bikes been damaged and different seat and fairing used for repairs?

    Can someone please explain what exactly these different bikes are!

  2. LOL, I own one and I'm still confused! It is indeed a 2005 vintage and it is in every way that I can see identical to F4i model - and it definitely is fuel injected! - but the decal on the fairing says 600F.
    And while I bought it second hand, to the best of my knowledge it has not been crashed. I think there just was this one interim model in 2005...
  3. The CBR600 F4i Sport (separate rider and pillion seats) ran from 2001-2002. Every one from this model onwards was fuel injected. We only got this model so they dropped the Sport tag off.
    After Honda introduced the new CBR600RR in 2003 they bought in the other CBR600F4i (combined rider and pillion seat). This model ran unchanged until 06 or 07.
  4. Thanks, that explains a lot...the only thing I don't understand is why there is a 2004 (http://www.bikesales.com.au/Tig/UI/PagePopup.aspx?R=9650053&PhotoID=gc5140945967950523340&h_mid=2822754&f_mid=2822755&c_mid=5220338&pid=140964&tabID=1409177) bike with F4i on the fairing and 600F4i on the seat unit and a 2004 (http://www.bikesales.com.au/Tig/UI/PagePopup.aspx?R=9498618&PhotoID=bd5602958946921108064&h_mid=5221947&f_mid=2822755&c_mid=5220337&pid=140964&tabID=1409177 )with F4i on the fairing and 600F on the seat unit and 2 2005 bikes(http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bikes/results.aspx?Ns=p_IsPoa_Int32|0||p_YearMade_Int32|1||p_PriceSort_Decimal|1&N=1432%20604%201430%201429%201428%204294967259%204294961019%2082&TabID=1409178&keywords=&Nne=15 )with CBR on the fairing and 600F on the tail unit?

    Can you shed any light on these?
  5. Someone might have replaced the seat/tail units with bits from a wrecker?
  6. I had an '05 F4i that had the 'banana' seat and no F4i decal. Tis normal. Was injected.
  7. And I assume that your bike had 600F on the seat?

    I think the 2004 bike I mentioned with F4i on the fairing and 600F4i on the seat must have got the 600F4i decal and put it on the seat as the bikes for sale that are 2004 onwards have 600F on the seat.
  8. Yeah, it had 600F on the back.
  9. Did your bike have fully adjustable suspension on the front and rear?

    From what I can see in the pictures on the net, the models with 600F on the seat don't have adjustable suspension on the front!
  10. It appears that the bikes with F4i on the fairing, whether they have the separate rider and pillion seat or combined rider and pillion seat, have fully adjustable suspension on the front and rear and the bikes that have CBR on the fariing have non-adjustable suspension on the front and only preload adjustment on the rear.

    I don't think Honda could have created more confusion if they had tried!
  11. Oz Only:
    F4 99-00 - Banana Seat.
    F4i 01-03 - Dual Seat.
    CBR600RR Introduced
    F4i - 04 -06 - Banana Seat re introduced.
  12. A friend is asking if a 99 model CBR600F on 55000kms is worth it for $4000 with 11 months reg no rwc. No rwc cause owner has gone overseas and left bike in friends garage to be sold. Not ridden however starts first time. Deal or no deal?
  13. A good bike with that much rego if it's mint, but I'd probably offer 3500 too.

    I think it needs a RWC in Vic before you can transfer the rego.