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cbr600f gears won't engage after burnout??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ex-static, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. well, had a mates bucks nite on the weekend and after doing a few burn outs in the garage, my 2000 cbr600f failed to engage in gear... there's no grinding or anything, and feels like its in gear but she doesn't move... is this likely to be a clutch issue or a gear selector/fork issue?... thanks

  2. You phucked it..... throw it in the bin..... :p
  3. do not play with mechanical devices while under the influence of mind-altering substances

    that is all
  4. does the chain move? at all? no, then as above..
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  5. very funny mate.. real consrtuctive too!...
  6. same thing happened to me... 5km away from home.
    What happened was i burnt the clutch plates lol
    what the mechanic did to my bike was loosen up the clutch coz i think it locked the clutch or sumshit like that... then the bike wud move and change gear but the clutch wud still be slipping...
  7. ta mate.. did you lose pressure ein the cluth/lever?.. mine feels a bit stiffer now and i'm hoping it might just need some adjustment...
  8. It's a Honda so it was really only a matter of time :D.

    Seriously though, circumstances and symptoms suggest that you've lunched the clutch.

    How did the problem manifest itself? Did it start to show up during the burnouts or did things seem fine until you tried to use the bike the next day? Did anything go clonk suddenly or did matters get progressively worse over a period of time? Does the oil have a "burned" smell (if you can tell after inhaling rubber smoke in a confined space for a while)?

    The good news is, if it is the clutch, it'll be a whole lot cheaper and easier to fix than if something in the gearbox is stuffed.
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  9. You should be able to adjust it out, once apon a time I use to frequent the burnout patch at the island in the wee hours of the morning, just to show the mongs how it was really done.
    Occasionally I would have to adjust the clutch and change the rear wheel, again, so I could ride home on the monday.

    You have heated the clutch to beyond its design brief!
  10. nope... its got nothin to do with it.. pretty sure u change stiffness of the clutch got nothin to do with the clutch cable its the bolt that connects the lever to the assembly...I THINK
    might be diff on ur bike

    but like i said first thing u check is the tension on ur clutch cable... mine was VERY tight so even when i didnt touch the clutch the clutch wud still be in and the bike wouldnt move
    thats probz what the problem is with ur bike... the gear engages but it wouldnt move coz the bike things ur holding the clutch lol
  11. btw shop charged me like 50-60 bux per clutch plate... online FROM australia get it within 4 days i cudve gotten it for $22.8 a plate. so whatever they tell ur is wrong with ur bike go look on EBAY before giving them a dollar.
  12. thanks PatB.. problem manifest while doing burnout.. was in 1st gear going fine and then nothing - no traction.. there wasn't a clunk or anything untoward sounding.. gears still engage but bike doesn't move.. actually just checked it again and it moves ever so slightly like it thinks the clutch is engaged... oil smells fine.. hoping its just like sbk-750 says and that clutch just needs adjusting out.. is it worth trying that and if so, is it adjusted at the lever or at the sprung end on the engine?.. thanks guys, appreciate all the constructive help..(joedelosa take note)
  13. just f***ing adjust the clutc already! lol
  14. 'Sworth a try before spending anything.
  15. please dont tell me you get your brakes off ebay](*,)](*,)
  16. who said anything about brakes?
    i buy all my stuff off a shop thats located in NSW all oem straight from the factory...
  17. theres the ebay refrence,
    considering the importance of a clutch, i didnt think it was a far leap to assume that meant you would use/reccomend ebay brakes.

    and the following is just my opinion from what ive studied. and i simply want to add it, as it annoys me the lack of care/understanding.My own brother who i live with still doeent get it](*,) and simply looks at the "why pay $50, when i can get it for $15 off ebay)

    just be carefull, australia uses different brake pad compositions to the rest of the world (includes cars, thats why most cars use dba as its specific for aussie conditions) with theses sorts of items where it uses special surfaces oem or a trusted (well known) brand is the only safe way to go. cheap chinese knock offs wont cut it. levers etc... ebay is awesome, but when it comes to actual mechanicals see a bike shop. you wouldnt put an ebay special piston in your bike.

    especially with brakes, the aussie compound is different so just cuase its a trusted brand, doesnt mean it will be good. we dont have snow, so an american or european pad will not be suitable. just as you would not run the same oil as a european bike.

    tuvi, if its an oem part, from an aussie dealer then i dont have any issue with it
  18. hey dude.. after finally getting around to bike increased the freeplay in the clutch at both ends of the cable but after riding a little bit it would tighten up again and again until there's nothing left in the cable... do u think the cltch is gone/worn?...