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CBR600F from 96-99

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nightgash, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. I'm currently looking to upgrade to a 600 sports bike after doing my restrictions on a FZR250. Money permitting I can only justify spending around $6000 and was looking at ZX6/GSX-R600 and CBR600F around the 96-99 age bracket.

    I am looking for the best handling bike. Are there any other bikes I should be looking at?

    Will these bigger bikes handle as well as my FZR250? Because they are newer will they handle better or because they are so much heavier they won't be as fast around corners?
  2. the honda by a country mile.
    not just because i love hondas, but they were/are a nicely balanced, well built and solid machine.
    bike of choice for stunters and weekend trackday racers too, because they are the shit ;)
  3. as always, ride em all and see how they feel to you. the gsxr and the zxr are more track oreintated. a much more aggressive positioning than the cbr600f.
    but i test rode the 600f and absolutely loved it! heaps of fun and very nice feel to it. i only bought the gsxr instead cause was awesome price and it felt the shit :cool: for me of course. everyone is different. i can only say.... have fun test riding them all :D
    in terms of nimbleness, i don't think any of them will be as light on the road as your 250. IMO its just sheer size that does it. BUT, the sports 600's are light and won't take you very long at all to adjust.
  4. You can pickup a pretty good example of the '98 CBR600f for that money. The '98 cbr is the last of the F3's, the F4's (99 - 2002?) will typically set you back another $1000 - $2000.

    I haven't ridden the GSXR or the ZX of the same capacity and era so I can't compare my bike to either.

    However some points that may interest you;
    - The CBR was kicking major arse on the track back then.
    - I have been told that the ZX6 of that era sometimes developed problems in the engine after a bit of use (no proof to back it up).
    - You may look at getting rearsets on the CBR earlier than not if you plan to spend much time at the track.
    - From personal experience the CBR does well in the handling department, i.e. no nasty flaws. Fiddle with the suspension a bit, especially the rear (the '97 / '98 build have the most adjustable rear shock) and get good tyres.
    - Parts are plentiful for the CBR.

    The other bike you may be interested in is the YZF600, that's more road than track from what I understand. If you search google you should be able to find a review written in 97 / 98 between these four bikes - it's US but the info is all still relevent.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to have a look at my bike or need any other info.
  5. Thanks for you help everyone. I like the look of the CBR600F the best and was originally looking at buying one.

    It seems like the model was revised in 99? How does this model compared with the older 98 design or is it purely cosmetic?

    I think these colours look hot!

  6. '99 became the F4, not the F4i (i = injected) - injection come in about '01 I think.

    The F4 was lighter than the F3, not sure of many other changes.
  7. Re: ZX6 vs GSX-R600 vs CBR600F from 96-99

    Having had a ride on an FZR250 then jumping on a ZX6 straight afterwards you will notice some difference. Yes the bigger bike wont corner quite as fast, but will feel more planted and generally nicer around corners.
  8. That's similar to the comparo I looked at - only they did a similar one a couple of years earlier which included the F3. Done by the same people I think.

    The induction is actually below the headlight and a bit set back into the body of the F3.

    As I'm sure is no surprise the F4 is better than the F3 in most ways, so if you can afford an F4 then even better. If you can really stretch your budget to the price of an F4i you get even more value for money.
  9. The original R6, circa '99. You can get a decent one for less than 7k. It set a new benchmark.
  10. I have tried to look but most are 8K+ the ones cheap have 50,000kms on them which is a bit much I think.
  11. You're on the right track with the Honda, I've ridden a couple from that era and though they were beaut bikes.

    I'd add the YZF600 (pre-thundercat) to your list, they look a bit wacky and are painted like Hammer pants but I had a truly obscene amount of fun riding one... The motor is amazing for a 600 and they handle brilliantly.
  12. i would find a 99-00 cbr600f4

    they are a very well built bike and stopped looking retro compared the other other bikes of the same era

    the motors are silky. pulls hard but is quite forgiving
    the alloy frames are pretty but strong
    they can take a 180 rear tyre
    the front suspension is a bit crappy though
  13. if your going by looks alone the gixxer wins by 3 1/2 metres, easily.
  14. your looking at a bike which is 10 years old. first of all i dont think 50,000 kms is that much for 10 years. 5000 per year is nothing if its maintained properly.
    also im a honda fan and i reckon that the 90's model hondas were made really damn well and would require less maintenance than the competitors. when other people say that they were winning races back in their day, and the seating position wont kill your back/wrists, i wouldnt see a reason to look any further.

  15. Yeah I heard they are reliable. But why would I buy something with 50,000kms when I can get something with 20,000-30,000 km.

    Before I was looking I missed a great bargain. A 99 CBR600F4 with only 20,000 km on the clock for $6,200. It didn't last long at that price. :cry:
  16. I'm assuming that you're checking bikesales regularly? There's a couple up at the moment that would be worth checking out - well I believe so anyway :)

    Do you have a set budget?
  17. I'm hoping for a 99-00 CBR600F4 with under 30,000kms under $6,500. But I'm only looking at the moment I have to decide what I want to do with the FZR250. I bought it for $3,500 which was a great price, but I came off it and cracked the screen and front fairing. I'm not sure how much it would take to get roadworthy but I guess if I can sell it for $2000 as is I'll be happy.

    Port the FZR250 is still in the same condition when you saw it on the GOR ride. I really loved your CBR600 I think they are really nice bikes.
  18. 40k kms isn't too much for these CBR600's. My F3 just clocked up 40k kms a couple of weeks back, I bought it 10 months back with 20k kms. It runs as good - if not better now than when I bought it. The thing to look for is bike condition and regular oil changes. Depending on condition, that's a great price. Spend a couple of hundred on a thorough service - if your not a spanner man yourself.