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CBR600F (97/98) Questions... yes I'm a n00b

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Hi All!
    I've just found this forum, and have already learned a lot from it (it's great that it's an aussie forum site!).
    I've had my R license for about a year or so now, after a ten year hiatus from riding trail bikes. I have only just bought a CBR600 (F3) about 2 weeks ago (am loving it). My question is this:-
    When I'm doing 100km/h or so in sixth gear, my RPM's are at about 4500 to 5000 or so... I was expecting it to be around 3500 or so (maybe even less).. Is this normal for a bike of this size/age? It might very well end up that a smaller sprocket has been put on the back to make it accelerate harder, but I'm unable to find a website which tells me how many teeth the original model had on the back sprocket (let alone a website which tells me what speed vs. RPM was standard!). My bike has a D&D (I believe) aftermarket exhaust on there, and has done 35,000 km thus far...

    Also as my riding skills are now what I'd consider to be intermediate, I'm starting to do "blipping" and so forth when i'm changing down gears (yes, it sounds wicked), and I'm also doing clutchless gear changes when going up the gears... Does clutchless up-changing (or down-changing for that matter) have any negative mechanical impact on my machine?

    Thanks in advance for any sage wisdom flung my way, and I look forward to contributing (where applicable) in the future :)
  2. good choice of machine dude.

    stock gearing was 42T on my F2. revs sound about right. it won't be as low as you're thinking. also a bigger rear sprocket would make the gearing shorter. a smaller front sprocket would have the same effect, except each tooth change to the front sprocket has a bigger difference than to the back.

    there's a thread about clutchless gear changes, but it still depends what you want to believe.
  3. Revs are right mate if you ride the bike hard stay in the 6 grand to redline bracket is where the engine is really alive mine is standard gearing and 6th at 100 \110 is about 5500 6000 rpm Great bike, yet most honda's are though the cbrf is very versatile
  4. My Spada is sitting on about 9 grand at 110 km/h... which was a bit of a surprise to me, but it's very happy doing that.
  5. I have a zook 500 and do about 5500rpm at 105indicated.

  6. Thanks guys!
    Very informative, and reassuring (in that my bike is obviously behaving itself as it should).
    I look forward to picking all of your collective brains again soon :)
  7. 250's often sit on 8000 or so at 100.
    600's often sit on 5000 or so at 100.
    1100's often sit on 4000 or so at 100.
    Big v-twins often sit on about 2500 (or less) at 100.

    Depends upon the amount of torque available :)