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CBR600F 1995 - Does this model have an airfilter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Danish, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I couldn't find anything in the owners manual regarding an airfilter, I was curious to find out if it actually has one?

    Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Err... they made bikes without air filters? :eek:
  3. ummmm spin fishing ????ill bite

    look under ya fuel tank
  4. anything that sucks in air has to have a filter. otherwise shit would go straight into engine..
  5. well i'm always open to a new idea, but i wouldn't want to own one :LOL:
    i'm sure there's one in there somewhere, you've just gotta look harder
  6. Does anyone have a picture? I couldn't see anything under my tank when i had all the plastics off.
  7. Blue12 said it.....

    Of course it has an air filter!!!!

    OK that year model is carbed....let's hope you can identify the carbs - attached to the carbs is a big plastic thing - ie the airbox - the filter is in there....

  8. Yeah, may not seem like it they way I wrote it, but I do know a lot about engines.

    It must be a minute paper filter tucked behind the strange setup of a plastic airbox. So hard to get to, no directions on which way to tackle it or get to it.

    Thought it would be easier just to put a thread on the forums so somoeone with that model could tell me how to easily check the filter.
  9. it'll be INSIDE that strange airbox doovalacky thinger :wink:
  10. HEY Dale, how is Richard's sidecar???
    MORE IMPORTANTLY, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your lady, from a twin!!! Fantastic!!
    Love your web-site too
  11. Apparently it's got a large flat panel filter - should look like this. Should be somewhere inside the airbox (unless it's been sucked into the engine :LOL:).
  12. i'll let you know tomorrow, it arrives in the arvo. he got up there and test rode the thing then decided to take the advice we were ALL giving him and get it hauled down :LOL: i doubt his capacity to ride a normal bike that far, let alone one that he has no idea how to ride :LOL:

    and cheers dude, feels awesome being a dad :grin: and i put a bit of effort into that site these days, good to hear feedback every now and again :wink:
  13. Thanks JD, that gives me an idea how to pull it out.
  14. ROFLMAO... was that a bad joke that i received the error message '404 Not Found'? Are you implying the air filter is no where to be found? :grin: :LOL: :p
  15. Unfortunately can't take credit for that, the link does actually work for me.
  16. Of course if you have purchased an ex race bike then someone may have forgotten to put an airfilter back in there before they off loaded it.
    Probably not likely but possible.