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cbr600 what type of fuel?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dutch, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. hey pplz, just wondering if i can feed my cbr600f4i with premium fuel, ie. optimax, or is the octane level too high for bikes?

  2. my 2001 cbr runs best on mobil 8000 or caltex vortex, i dont use optimax as i have heard some horror stories and the bike just dont like it
  3. both unleaded normal/premium will be fine, the issue with optimax was not an issue for fuel injected bikes, mainly bikes with carbs.. as the optimax fuel has a different density, tends to foul up plugs etc.. i been using optimax, synergy8000, BP ultimate etc for years, i mainly use optimax tho and never have any issues on the bikes i have had, ie carb'd gixxer 750, fuel injected TLR/R1
  4. You can't reely have an octane rating that is too high.

    I had trouble with Optimax. Others have reported similar problems. Mine was fouling plugs.

    I never had trouble with the BP stuff
  5. i have tried all diff premium types with no change at all - good or bad -

    best bet is try em out for yourself

    *i have a cbr600f4i 02* but i cant seem to add it to my info
  6. I had good results with Vortex (Caltex/Safeway) and BP Ultimate with stock settings on my 600.

    I wouldn't use optimax with stock settings - it ran pretty pretty bad, but after a bit of tuning it ran beautifully...
  7. BP ultimate and Mobil Synergy are definately the best imo, Optimax is fine too,ive never real had a problem with it and have used it since it was released.F@#K all the rest though. 8)
  8. I used to use unleaded because that's what it said on the tank, but I tried PULP on a mate's advice and I get better performance and much better fuel consumption with it (enough to more than justify the extra expense of buying it)
  9. I always use premium fuel. I like BP Ultimate most, but will use all the premiums. I even use Optimax, even tho people are always telling me not to, I have never had a problem with it, the bike runs fine.
  10. Personally i'd go with BP Ultimate. Of all the high octane premium fuels i have found it to be the best. Optimax get's alot of hype as it was the first high octance premium fuel released on a large consumer based level. I find Shell to be the Macdonalds of the Petrol Station world. They are not neccessarily the best out there but as with everything familiarity breeds comfort.

    As a general rule of thumb you will get better fuel consumption using the premium fuel because due to the higher octance rating the fuel burns more aggressively, cleaner and more efficiently. Therefore your car does more work for the same amount of fuel. i.e. you get more Kms out of a tank and this ofcourse will vary from bike to bike or car to car.

    This is my personal opinion only and i cannot be held to anything stated above.
  11. do not use optimax. to many additives and causes problems. good in cars though. use mobil 8000 or bp ultimate both are 98 octane. mobil and bp do have a 95 octane pulp as does caltex vortex which is also a 95 octane and then your standard ulp is 92 octane. i swear by premium fuels i dont use anything else, even my lawn mower and brush cutter use it. hope this clears up some things for you.
  12. Unlikely

    A fuel's octane rating has nothing to do with it's calorific content or the amount of power it can produce. It is purely an indicator of the engine compression ratio it is suitable for.

    Engines with a high compression ratio a prone to pinging on low octane fuel.

    Octane ratings are calculated by running the fuel in an engine with a variable compression ratio. It is increased until the engine stats 'pinging' (pre igniting the fuel before the spark plug fires). The compression ratio at this point is then cross-referenced with a previous test done with a control fuel.

    100 octane is the equivalent of having a fuel that is 100% iso-octane.
    0 octane is the equivalent of having a fuel that is 100% n-heptane.
    So a fuel that when tested returns a figure of 95 octane means that it's pre-ignition prevention properties are equivalent to a test fuel composed of 95% iso-octane and 5% n-heptane.

    If you are getting better fuel economy on "premium" fuels then its due to other factors and not the octane rating... Maybe the regular unleaded has been adulterated so that it barely meets the 91 octane rating, maybe the premium fuel has additives that improve it's ignition. This is probably why there are different reports about the different brands of premium fuel even though they have the same claimed octane rating.

    It's unrelated to the octane rating. Maybe your riding differently to subconsiously justify the"premium" you paid for your daily ration of go-juice...

    that's how a mechanical engineering lecture explained it to me anyway. :p
  13. shit mate thats some hi tech stuff there.. lol
  14. If it's the f4i or 600rr model then use performance (high octane) fuel. If it's the 600f model, then perfume or nail polish remover will do cos they are a girls bikes. :)
    The 600f model is like the bike someone coming off an Across would be looking for..."Hmm now that I can go big capacity, can I still find something that screams GAY?"
  15. HEY!!!! I resemble that! ....being a girl's bike, not being gay :shock:

    I had a 93 CBR600 (f2 I think :? ). I had been running it on Optimax but had massive issues with it....bike wouldn't start, ruined plugs, etc. The trouble was that I stopped using Optimax after sending it to the mechanic the first time (even though they had said that Optimax would not be the problem) and it had to go back to the mechanic 4 times to stop it doing the same thing. I think that maybe Optimax lingers in the tank/lines and causes problems for whatever reason for a while after being used. I didn't flush the tank after using Optimax, but it was drained from the tank.....

    :D :D :D
  16. Testify brother :LOL:

    St Padros the Prosaic, COTR #5
  17. Yeah me too Lil! :?
    Anyhow - the dealer I brought my 600f from told me to use PULP, but steer clear of optimax because they were sick of fixing bikes that had been stuffed up with it.