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CBR600, VTR1000 SP-2 or ST1300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mad_Maca27, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Ok... Today at work the new guy asks me " how does the SP-2 ride?"

    (I ride a Daelim VJF250! I know I had a chuckle too, but to be fair you could only see it front on)

    Anyway it got me thinking, after getting my license the other week and having a year to save I'm considering my next bike, and with a family traditions of Hondas (old man rides a CBR1100 currently) so I'm looking down the lineup.

    The 3 that currently peak my interest are:

    VTR1000 SP-2

    Home to work is a 40k ride each way, and the bike will be an everyday, all weather commuter. Throw in a few long rides a month and its gonna rack up the k's. Whilst I'm not to concerned about paying for fuel, obviously the better consumption rate the better. Now keeping the 250 is an option, but I'd rather just have the one bike. Of the three listed I would assume the 600 is the most economical, the VTR just fun and the ST good for taking the k's in comfort.

    Basically I'm after info as to how reliable these bikes are, k's/L , general experiences, general advice etc.


  2. Wow, they are three very different beasts. The VTR is a great bike but not a sipper at the cup of the the fuel bowser. Known to throw cam chains so check the cam chain has been replaced at appropriate intervals. Most Hondas suffer regulator and alternator failures. Worth adding extra cooling for the VTR reg, its under the rear right hand side duck tail. A hoot of a bike.

    The ST is a bit big for a commuter I would think but an effortless tourer.

    The 600 is a good all rounder, nimble and balanced, for your stated riding I would say its the choice. That's the choice of my head, my heart would say go the VTR ;) Maybe change the sprocket ratios to make it a bit more tractable in traffic if you go down that path.

    My 2c anyway.
  3. Slight correction @cjvfr@cjvfr , SP-1 / SP-2 had gear driven cams . The VTR1000F Firestorm was/is the one with chain driven cams .
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  4. Check out www.ozstoc.com for owner related info on the ST1300.

    I used my ST1100 for a commuter for the first year I owned it without any issues for a 300kg bike. I've had it eight years and it's now 15 years old and has been trouble free.

    Some of our Victorian members are having a meet on the 19th July if you want to go checkout the bikes and get info from some owners. Crown Hotel (Google Map http://goo.gl/maps/GxkW3) 402 Learmonth St, Buninyong VIC 3357 at around midday.
  5. Wow, ST is a very different bike from the other two!

    Maybe decide what kind of a rider you are, first of all.

    (assume you've looked at VFRs?)
  6. Cbr600 f4i mate
  7. If you mean CBR600 F41 then it will fit your criteria well (not bad on fuel, ok comfort and reasonably sporting).

    VTR1000 (SP1/2 or F) are sports/sports tourers, not as comfy and poor economy but more fun.

    ST1300 is a tourer, heavy but reasonable on fuel. It would be comfy for the commute in all weather but it depends on what you want to do on weekends.

    As they say test ride them all. My pick would be CBR600F4i or CBR1100XX.
  8. I reckon you got the vtr1000 firestorm mixed up with an SP1/SP2. The SP series bikes dont run chain driven cams, they are gear driven and they sound oh so sweet. In the case of the firestorms though they are prone to cam chain tensioner issues. Anyone with a firestorm can save themselves a lot of heart ache down the track by fitting quality aftermarket tensioners. It is generally the front cylinder tensioner that fails on the firestorms during heavy downshifting.
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  9. Mate i cannot comment on the cbr or the st1300 as I have not ridden either but can shed some light on the sp2. May be a bit biased but IMO it is the SP2 FTMFW.

    In stock trim i will admit that the SP2 would make a shitty commuter due to the riding position you are forced into, lets face it, she is a hrc bike which was originally designed for 1 thing, to beat ducati at their own game in WSBK racing which SP1/SP2 did successfully.

    You can though fix some of the ergonomic issues if you wish to use the SP2 to commute, Adjustable clip ons, rearsets, aftermarket seat, suspension upgrades. IMO the most important upgrade is the suspension, Ohlins all the way. I did all of the above and the difference was night and day,forthe better.

    Its a good thing you arent too fussed about fuel consumption cos she drinks plenty but that all depends on your right hand as to how much.

    At the end of the day you have to choose what suits you best. The Sp2 is more of an enthusiasts bike that the others as it doesnt do many things well without having to lash out on aftermarket gear for it and parts are becoming hard to find.

    IMO if you want something different to the norm go the SP2 but if you are just chasing a commuter that will immediately tick all of your boxes go for one of the others. In all honesty the cbr will probably be a better all rounder in stock trim than the SP2.
  10. Ah yes my failing memory I am afraid. I remember the issues I had seen in the past were all the Carb version which preceded the SP1. Apologies, thanks for the clarification guys. (y)
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  11. All is good. Its a pitty the Firestorms didnt get the gear driven cams, they sound frickin awesome and are more reliable. Always reminds me of my old VH SL/E I had many years ago which I fitted straight cut timing gears to. Its the one feature coupled with the exhaust note that can identify an sp1/2 before it even comes around the corner at you.
  12. Turbobusa.

    It does 350km/h wheelies.

    Everyone loves 350km/h wheelies.
  13. Thanks for the input guys...

    Titus, I have to admit I had forgotten about the VFR's, which the 800 could be a decent machine, as a everyday ride. I'll look into it some more.

    The SP-2 thought was just for that reason, I didn't want just another fireblade. It's a bit more unique and seems like it could be quite an enjoyable ride.

    I realise that I'm comparing apples to oranges and bananas. But not being able to have ridden anything other then my 250 (outside a few dirtbikes) can make it a little tricky when dreaming :) my thinking is that the next bike will be an investment for the likes of a decade.

    The CBR I like for it seems not that different to my current ride, with a power upgrade.

    The ST seems like a nice bike, plenty of power, comfortable to ride, and good for trips interstate, but not as sporty as I'd like for mountain rides, and a bit of a heavyweight to handle in peak traffic.

    The SP-2 is osmething a little different to sit outside whilst enjoying coffee, a bit of fun whilst riding anywhere and something to look after.

    A quick look at the VFR 800/1200 could be a good option, as both a daily rider, a local day tripper, and even an interstate traveller. Ill keep researching and the input helps.

    Thanks to Allan for the ST info and Gardz for the SP input