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CBR600 to VFR800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hyssy, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Hello, it's been a hell of a while since I last came on here. I don't think I posted since I went to a homebush meet. Talk about scarred...


    Anyway... trading in my CBR600F for a new VFR800 next week. Was looking for something that can comfortably do 2 up and I've always loved the Viffer. Fantastic to finally be able to get one (even though I only had the CBR for just over a year, which is in no way a reflection on the bike, it's been fantastic). Wondering how many others out there own one and can give me any tips on what to expect with the change. I've taken one for a test ride and have to say it's surprisingly different to the CBR. The best news? Insurance is much cheaper than the 600 was, which is always a nice surprise (as I'm 24).

    So who's out there?

  2. Having ridden a VFR800, and associating with a few owners of said bike I can only guess what you can expect.

    1) You will give up alcohol and drink tea.

    2) You will start to go to bed earlier, after watching TV with a nice hand stitched throw rug over your knees.

    2) You'll start asking questions on what exhaust to fit. Face it, the berloody bikes are perfect from stock, so it's pointless modding suspension/engine/brakes.

    2) You'll start tut tutting other owners about blinging up theirs bikes because there is nothing you can do to improve a VFR.

    2) You'll become an insufferable bore at fuel stops because you'll have sod all to do on every 2nd stop.

    2) Scotoiler. You'll post often and long about fitting one of these, because it's the only mod apart from exhaust that is done to a VFR800

    3) No number 3
  3. love it smack ! :grin:

    Hyssy - you will certainly need a small amount of time to get to know the VFR, if only from a VTEC point of view. The new ones have a different engine map from the 02-05 models, so the uptake is a much smoother transition than the "kick" or "snap" associated with the other ones.

    But don't misunderstand me, you will know all about the VTEC, it just wont kick you in the butt, it's a little like a turbo effect.

    Spend some time learning the feel and sound of the bike and you'll begin to know when it's coming, rather than having to keep an eye on the tacho. It comes in at 6700rpm, and stay in until you drop below about 6000rpm. Lots of fun to be had there ;)

    I've got 5,300k's on mine now and am waiting to have the 6000k service done on it and then I'm going to try a couple of different settings on the suspension. As Smack says, the stock shocks are just fine.

    I've put a Madaz exhaust on mine, and low end V4 grumble puts out some serious HORN ! 2 days ago I put a modified rear fender on cause it is the only factory part that looks crap on it. It's totally cleaned up my rear end ;) All the rest, is superb. I "MAY" consider a PCIII and K&N Air Filter, but ONLY after I get some hands on expert advice.

    Is handles 2 up with ease and comfort for both the pilot and the pillion.

    VFR800Fi Interceptor - the smart choice, the wild choice, the RIGHT choice!

    :demon: :demon: :demon:
  4. Nice choice Hyssy. I'm looking at a 98-01 vfr as a possible upgrade (looking to buy in about a month). Only issue is coming from the weight of a 250 to a reasonably heavy in comparison vfr. I'm hoping it wont be an issue when I test ride it as I lurrve the sound.

    I really like the spaceship-type look of the 02 and onwards vfrs, well its mainly the rear end with exhaust that gets me horn :LOL: But its not in the budget and I'm going to stay away from vtec. I'm sure its not that big of an issue even on the 02-05 ones, but its just one less thing I have to worry about when getting used to the new bike.
  5. Just checked insurance for an 01 viffer, $1400! :( cb900/sv650s/er6f are $950. (pa. comprehensive). Hopefully I love it ALOT on the test ride :LOL:
  6. Wild? Surely you meant mild? Back in the days of the RC30 era VFR750's, wild might have applied...
  7. I went from a CB250 to the CBR600 and it took me a few days to get used to the extra weight. Once you're moving I found it was fine, and it handled so much better than the 250 did...

    The VTEC... yeah I was expecting it and it kicks in just about where the CBR's powerband was. So the main thing I was surprised with was the engine noise. Man that sounds awesome :eek:

    The suspension feels a lot softer and it soaks up the road more comfortably than the CBR. Plus the engine just pulls throughout the rev range. I know there's a lot of difference between the inline 4 and the v4 but I just can't describe the glee from finally getting on one.

    Paperwork is signed on tuesday :cool:
  8. you may also start to wear incontinence nappies and buy one of those robo cop flip up helmets :D
  9. You should be able to fall to sleep just as easily whilst riding, so you should be right.

  10. WHAT?????? either your waaaay young or youve had a LOT of prangs, $480 for my vif 800
  11. Yeah.. I'll be 20 when I get the viffer, with dad as primary, myself as secondary, insured for 8 grand with nrma, comprehensive.
  12. OUCH,,

    but the bikes are sweet, they just do eberyting nice.
    on the recent Vic NR trip to Qld we did 6500k in 2 weeks, most of the time i was 2 up with my daughter on back, tank bag, 2 ventura bags and still managed to get 213kph on the GPS :shock:

    I've got the Pilot 2CT's on mine and so far pretty impressed with the wear.

    Mine just shit a reg/rec at nearly 80,000K a replacement heavy duty one wa about the $200 and something mark.

    It eats any sort of fuel with no probs and seems to prefer the shell advance semi synthetic oil.
  13. I am 5'7"
    I'm 87kgs and on the way down (I was 96kgs 11 weeks ago)
    I went from a ZZR250 to a VFR
    If you can, go for a 2001, not a 1998, same bike, but less vintage
    It won't be a problem, trust me.
  14. Thanks for the support :) If I can find a good condition 01 model when the time comes, I'll definitely give it a shot :)
  15. explain to me the "ylwgtr" bit will ya.....
  16. Don't let these nay-sayers put you off blinging the Viffer to pimp-daddy standards :cool: .

    I have a '99 VFR and in it's time I've added a few fun bits:

    - Remus high mount exhaust - you must make it sound better or be consigned to the almost-a-BMW-owner brigade
    - K&N filter and removed the intake snorkel. It likey more air and pissing off the snorkel opens up the airbox a lot and gives you some great airbox thunder
    - Full set of HEL steel braided brake line. May not be an immediate requirement but once the rubber hoses turn to spagetti these make a huge improvement and look very, very trick. If you can afford it, get someone else to do it. It is a complete and utter biatch to do. The 5th gen has something like 10 fcuking lines to replace..10! Bastard Honda! VFR can now pull stoppies, is fun.
    - Wave disk rotors. I've got Braking ones, very smick.
    - Dark double bubble screen. They look so much better than the standard one.
    - Fancy schmancy coloured grips. Just because.
    - Go down one tooth on the front sprocket. Makes the VFR mono, is fun.
    - Speedohealer to correct the change in the sprockets. Not much bling but it gives you something to fiddle with and if you press the magic button it makes the speedo display your top speed.
    - In my case swapped out the condom mirrors for the later versions. Look heaps better.
    - Battery charger connection. You will be suprised how handy that can be.
    - Alarm system. Make the dogs work for their ill-gotten gain.
    - Gold right-angle valve connection. Like a bike's gold tooth and very handy.
    - Some sort of luggage rack, I have Givi and ventura systems. When you ride far you need to take shit.
    - Sheep skin seat cover. Ride for 5 hours and then ask me why I have it.
    - Go for better headlight globes. Don't know about the new VFR ones but the old ones are weak and make night riding very exciting in a bad way when animals are involved.

    I think that pretty much covers it. Go make yourself a cup of tea and put the nana blanket around you as you google for some fun stuff of your own. Enjoy. :grin:
  17. The viffer ay...

    An awesome bike.

    I test rode one a coupla weeks back and ended up buying a new Kawi z750. Put it this way... I'm still thinking about the Viffer and what could've been....
  18. In Tasmania, I yanked the knitted rug of Deyagos knees, smashed the cup of tetlys tea cup out of his hand and took his VFR for a quick blat through the best country side Australia has to offer.

    A few thoughts I will bore you all with and you will sit quietly and listen to.

    The VFR is not an exiting bike. I was travelling close to the speed of sound while wondering if we had left the lights on back at the apartment. Now before you all start jumping up and down and hurt all your fragile old VFR riders hips, this is a good thing. It went exactly where I pointed it. It did exactly what I told it too. And it did it all travelling at a million miles and hour. Nice, just not exciting.

    Handling was very sweet and nuetral (Are we spotting a trend here). I even looked for stuff to run over mid corner to see if I could upset the handling but no. It just carried be through the corner with aplomb. My Aprilia would have spat me off, turned around and run me over for good measure if I had tried the same thing.

    Power was also good but had a very nuetral flat delivery. Deyago's steed was pre VTEC which is by far the best of the bunch. Again nice, but not mind blowing.

    But where the VFR excelled is when we took off up to the bottle shop in shorts and sunglasses, we strapped a carton, a bottle of wine and a six pack to the Vffer while my gay sports bike could just manage a single lowly six pack of beer.

    So therefore, due to the far superior alcohol transportation factor, the VFR is the best bike in the world.
  19. Eggsfuggen Zachery. My Duke can transport a slab of TEDs no problems.

    At least Aprillia almost had room for an espresso machine, but definitely had room for a credit card and a handfull of grundies.

    (TG said so) :LOL:

    Enjoy the capable, predictable *hoike SPIT* VFR