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CBR600 or CBR1000 or what's next best option?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. I went to the honda shop today and bought an off road tyre , as i left the shop i noticed a sign on a brand new 07 cbr600rr for 13.5k ride away , 3 years unlimited warranty. I sat on it , looked down the row and noticed a brand new 1000rr for 2k extra. Bargain i think particularly as i paid 11k for my bike.The 2k extra for the 1000cc i suspect would be realised later on when it comes to resale value anyway.

    The 1000 definelty felt better and is more comfortable to sit on, apart from that, is there much difference in the 600cc to the 1000cc.Is it the same ride with more power.

    I'm looking at updating to a pure sports bike anyway, i have finshed my apprenticeship on the learner bikes and now its time to get fair dinkum. I've guaged my riding habits over the last few months and i really like short fast windy rd trips up and down mountains + commuting daily to work.Thats my cup of tea. Any trips over 4hrs and i'll take the truck and load the bike in the ute or borrow a hd.

    What i'm after is jet rocket acceleration, super excellent handling for corners ,light weight ,comfortable ,something that will scare the shit out of me , and cheap. :LOL:

    At 13.5k a new CBR600rr it looking good.Any other new bikes worth looking at.I thought about an 848 but for an extra 10k it does'nt make sense.

    I'm going back to see if the numbers marry up, fingers crossed. Any 600cc or 1000cc rr owners who have been caught out 3 months later saying ' i'm bored and want more '.

    I still love my current bike but i want a little extra bit more.

  2. I'd go the 1000RR, but just because I never felt like the 600 was a good fit for me. The 1000RR current model is the best bike I've ridden, I'd have one in a flash.
  3. I've got an 07 600RR and it's plenty fun enough for me. Jackloads of acceleration and handles like a dream. I haven't ridden the thou any decent distance socan't comment, but the other guys tell me they're pretty similar up to the 200kph mark.

    The best guy to ask would be Raven as he's got the 1000 and his partner has the 600 and he's subsequently ridden both.
  4. If you intend to do mostly city riding and some pillioning go the 1000. The 600 is a great track bike but bollocks for the road. You need to keep changing gears and with a pillion its lack of capacity shows.

    So depends on your end use. I currently have one (cbr 600 07) and have ridden the fireblade (07). Assessment is go the thousand unless you are just focused on track.

    Happy to answer any questions on mods or settings on these bikes!

  5. Have to keep changing gears on the 600 ? When was the last time you rode a 250cc ?
  6. when was the last time you rode a 1000cc :LOL: i see your point, 600 to 250, like everything the bigger you go the lazier you can be with the gearbox and bike/riding :LOL: then buy a twin...it's like a auto :p

    opps meant to add too, 600 ain't short of grin factor
  7. I get your point PP, 600's will most likely need more pedal work than a thou. But personally (97 CBR600 w/jetkit). I can just chuck it in 2nd or even third and still have plenty of grunt. If I really want to get a decent hit of power I do drop it back to first. I don't think I have used 5th of 6th on the CBR in months.

    I have ridden a k7 GSXR thou, with that you potter around in first until you hit the highway. It's too easy.

    So, yes 600 means more gear action... but it's no big deal. Not like a 250 or 2stroke.
  8. ok, technically I haven't ridden one (legs too short for OH's litrebike ) but have been pillioned.

    I kinda miss the 250cc mega gear changing and clutch dropping just to get up to 80km/hr in a hurry.. Seems to go too quickly on the 600 :LOL:
  9. yeah do agree though, it's a lot of a fun hooting through town, up an ddown through the box, and all while close to the speed limit :wink:
  10. Here we go again…
    Keep changing gears???
    An R6 can go from 40 at 4000RPM to 120 at 12000 RPM in second gear.
    And it gets its serious power any where over 8KRPM…
    So you need first and second until you hit the Freeway.
    My Arse you need to change gears lots.
  11. The other day I was asked if I'd redlined the bike yet. Answered that to redline the bike even in first gear would involve exceeding the speed limit on the freeways.

    That shut him up real good :grin:
  12. I cant comment on the CBR1000 but I rode an R1 today and seriously they are scary. I can imagine a CBR1000 would be similar. 70kph feels like 50kph and 130kph feels like your only going 70kph. That damn thing was just so quick on the gas I was spending more time trying to keep the front wheel on the ground rather than enjoying the ride.

    I think if your only just getting off restrictions a 600cc supersport would be more than enough to get you introduced to the "big" bikes. Bu thats just my opinion go out and ride them both. That'll soon make up your mind.