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CBR600 highside [not my bike]

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Willzah, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. It just so happens that after my exam today, going to my bike another guy has suited up and ready to leave. left before me. i left about 2 minutes after he left and he was outside on the side of the road with gear off. he parked his bike good side facing me. i pulled up ask if he was alright. he didnt look alright. got off my bike and then i saw it. he managed to snap off his left peg, oggy knob saved much of the fairing, but engine cover, tank and end of fairing got a bit of a scratching. snaped his bar end off, not the bar end but right up into the handle so you cant jsut replace the end, but the whole handle. front fairing is completely smashed and metal frame bent in. windshield and left mirror is broken. and rear pickup completely snapped off.

    I believe it was last years or year before model, but he said he havent had it for a long time. got it off 1st owner who got divorced and had to sell it... WOMEN!

    he did a good job in the road too, made a pothole 8cm x 4cm and a few scrapes.

    Question time:

    Now he said to me that the tyres were new, but hes been on them for about 2 weeks. How long does it take for that mucky glossy crap they put on the new tyres to wear off?

    + its fuel injected and he reckens that oil indicator doesnt come on when its turned on ~ didnt start either. what causees that?
  2. The glossy shit shouldn't take long to get off, easy riding at the start to wear out the middle then gradually lean more on the tyres.

    I haven't had new tyres before, but it can be removed within 100 kms of riding, from what I understand

    Some bikes might not have it that the light comes on, but I am a little confused with your 2nd question.
  3. 2nd q. we turn on ignition. he says oil indicator is there, not normally on. hit starter, wont start. note: fuel injected

    not thinking straight atm....exams really burned my brain out.
    poor dude just finish a exam and stack his bike...a kick in the nackers when its his first exam...

    thought at least i stoped n chatted to him, mighta debreifed him a bit, so hes not so unstable, i mean pretty much brand new bike. dont know if he got a tow back or rode home, but at least he wont be as pissed off, n let some of that adrenline die down.
  4. Maybe he didnt notice it before but the oil light comming on when you turn on your bike is a test showing you the light works and there is currently no oil pressure.. :wink:

    Its suposto come on when the engine is running and the oil pump is working and providing pressure then it turns off.
  5. thats what i thought....