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Cbr600?? for a just above a learner.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Im asking these questions for a mate ,not me.

    My mates got his full licence ,got it a few years ago on a cb250 at the L and P course..
    Then after he got his full licence brought a 150cc ,pretty large scooter and rode at around the city and up to newcastle a few times, for a year ,but hasn't riden for 12-16 months.

    Now hes wanting to get back on a road bike and save on fuel ect ,not really for blasts or twistys, just needs a bike to get around the city and once a week 250km freeway trip up the coast to his holiday house .

    now ,here's the deal ,he has a mate with a cbr600 ,with 60,000km 12 months rego and new tyres just serviced ,for $5000.

    Is this an OK price seems it is O.N.O so maybe cheaper .

    I have read all back post on the CBR600 ,and seems it's a good "second bike" ,but really this will be his first road bike.

    Second questions : i read these bikes are "easy to ride"?.
    But are they"" forgiving"" ,like a suzuki SV650 ect.
    Is a CBR600 to much to handle for a semi new rider, with not a great deal of riding time on a bike with gears... not semi auto.

    I know this maybe hard ,to answer ,but any info or help will be great.
  2. I bought a '93 CBR6 as my first unrestricted bike and thought it was great. Honda are reknowned for their dependability. I testrode a CBR6RR last year and found that it was comfortable and predictable. I actually thought it the least exciting of the bikes I rode (being the R6, ZX6R and CBR6RR).

    IMHO I don't think he could go wrong with one....

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. if it's got a red wing on the tank, it'll look after you. :)
  4. Thanks for the reply, lil .

    Also it's a 97 model and is 60,000km alot for a bike? and if posible any one know the major service Km's and cost?.
  5. I got a CBR600f (99) as a first bike and it's been a great bike to learn on. Very solid. It's never put a tire wrong. The power is there, but all up in the high revs. Around town it's very easy and controllable. I'd say it'll last a good few years before I'll even get close to it's limits.
  6. for 5000 you could get a yzf600r instead with closer to 20k kms :p

    very similar bike... cbr is easy to ride too, wouldnt be hard for a learner if you're very careful
  7. Tell him to get a GSXR600 around the same year 97-98-99, heaps better than a CBR :p :LOL:

    Maybe not as toey as a YZF but still better than CBR
  8. Thanks for the replys , you guys have been very helpfull.

    cheers Sled.