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cbr600 f4i v gsxr 600 v sv650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by POPEYE, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    i will have my opens in a week & will be looking to upgrade from my cbr250rr & previously an rg250. I will be looking for a early 2001 - 2004 efi bike of which the following are attracting my attention & budget:

    cbr600 f4i, gsxr 600, sv650

    I have the following questions:

    a) any issues i should look out for these bikes?

    b) which one would suit my riding style, which is:
    i) 80% urban riding - mostly defensive riding, accelerate quickly to the speed limit, ride slightly quicker than the flow of traffic, open it up occasionally..no extreme speeds.
    ii) 15% twistys, ride as described in "the pace", focus on corners, no smashing it through blind ones, peak around the other side & hammer it when its safe, never cross the double white & use a classic start wide latex apex road riding line.
    iii) 5% track days, did 3x track days in six months on the cibby

    btw...yes i will endeavor to test ride the bikes for myself, but that does not equate to the satisfaction of owning the bike for years ahead....thats why i need the opinion of people who have owned them..

    for example - i road a k1 gixxer 750 years ago...but i simply can't remember what it was like?

    any other suggestions welcome...

    thank you in advance
  2. when i said 'hammer it' i meant roll on the throttle smoothly....yes even on the 250
  3. Why not add the GSX750 into it. Brilliant bike that's better for urban cruising than the 600's. Usually around the same cost.
    Honda cam's and tensioner.
    Suzuki..oil leaks in the casings.
    Sv nothing much but not as potent as the other two. Or as adjustable.
    What to look for is their service book full of stamps every 6,000k's. Make sure the first service they had was the 1,000 K one and it was close or less than a 1,000k's.
  4. The I4 supersports would continue your current trend of sports bikes.

    The SV can be quite a nice ride if you spend a little $$$ upgrading the suspension. Still quite underpowered compared to the I4's but gets good raps from the owners (myself included)
  5. i was looking at the gsx600/750f series, however, they seem to weigh alot more than their R cousins e.g the gsxr750 is 164kg v the gsxf 211kg roughly....i dont want to lose too much of the handling that the 250s i had, but want the extra torque as most of my riding requires rapid acceleration to 60,70 & 80km

    the sv650 would be nice, but yes i have suffered with basic suspension the cbr & rg, & the baby blades requirement to have the clutch kaned to get anywhere fast from a stop is wearing thin on me

    doesnt seem to be much out there in terms of stock streetfighter bikes with fully adjustable suspension?
  6. GSX750 will feel like a whale compared to your CBR, original list not such a jump in weight and bulk. That said you will get used to it, and even the three you mentioned will feel big initially. The f4i and Gix6 compensate by being very good, light-handling bikes, with phenomenal throttle response (relatively). The SV you have to wring it's neck a bit more to get it up and flying - but the pay-off is it's a more relaxing proposition for commuting.

    The GSXR750 of that era (K1-3) were built into the 1000 chassis, so they are a physically big bike, but I upgraded from my GPX to a K1 750 and loved every minute on the thing.

    Given your list and assumedly fairly modest budget I wouldn't discount the early R6 either - good rep for user-friendliness and typical Jap quality/reliability. Don't know much about living with them long-term though. You might also be able to find a more recent model FZ6 aswell...
  7. The one that comes to mind and a lot of people rave about is the Triumph Striple R, one not to be missed!
  8. that brings back memories....i did try out my mates k1 gsxr750 years ago, i actually found it quite a nice ride, easier to ride than the rg250 i had at the time...it was bulky but not heavy, just lots of plastic around...short shifted mainly & it got up to cruising speeds effortlessly....never really opened it up as i didn't really need to & there didn't seem to be long enough road anywhere

    it was the pillion rides on the back that scared the bejesus out of me...wanted to hop of the bike at every set of lights, & dont remember ever seeing him take it over 10k!

    handling wise i will never forget a large, bumpy round about near east gardens that we went through..i am a pretty good pillion, but we did a left an right weave through that round about so quick i stayed upright the whole time!! wow...& it soaked up the bumps like nothing.

    how did you find the jump from the gpx to the 750? was it reliable?
  9. I just picked up a gsxr600. it is an awesome package.
    it corners so well and balanced, and in a straight line, better than sex.

    i havnt dared take it all the way to redline yet too!

    ok maybe once or twice :p :p
  10. the triumph would be awesome...however i only want to buy what i can afford to pay in cash

    every time i see some one ride one its seems to be on the backwheel lol
  11. looked at the earlier r6, but kept hearing how fast steering it is, twitchy & prone to tank slappers...the k1 gixxers come with a steering damper i believe
  12. so does the gsxr600 (steering damper)
  13. Took a bit of getting used to - mainly just moderation with the right hand. Extra size and weight only really apparent when pushing it around parking etc. Was a brilliantly predictable and controllable bike - power and handling it just did exactly what you wanted it to.

    Mine was quite high mileage when I bought it (60,000km) and by the time I sold it at 80,000km the motor and suspension were getting a bit tired, but nothing you wouldn't expect at that age.

    Looked kinda nice too...
  14. Having ridden all 3 of the bikes you're interested in. I ended up with the SV650S (Curvey) The suspension although not the greatest isn't too bad either. Torque on tap is wonderful and isn't tiring to ride. It's quite soothing with that low pitched V twin growl. Downside is, it's a good 30 - 40hp down on the 600cc inline 4's weighing in at around 70hp. There's not much concern about being in the wrong gear though with the SV's fat torque curve. I've found from experience that if I've got 3500rpm onboard in any gear I can just crank it on and go at any speed. The engine really sings once you turn it past 5000rpm. It's easy to blast off from the lights on the SV, Dial up 3000rpm slip the clutch until you're rolling and just let it out and power on home. You'll be a million miles from the traffic behind you before you even realise. They're pretty well behaved too in that you can pretty well smash it in 1st gear and so long as you applied the power smoothly the front doesn't lift.

    The GSXR600's are bloody nice bikes to ride, easy to ride fast and ride fast is what they love doing. Needs some revs to get it moving though but you'll be a traffic light GP hero in no time. I didn't go for one because I didn't really like the thrashyness and knew if I did get one I wouldn't keep my license for long because I wouldn't be able to resist opening the throttle often.

    CBR600F4i. I only had a short ride on one but I'll say now. Torquey as buggery, great strong mid range performance. Would make a great commuter with a more upright sports feel. Ride one before commiting. I didn't feel comfy.