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CBR600 F3 Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DarkAz, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. After several years of sitting in pieces after low siding into a rally tall gutter, the CBR is finally back together and on the road again.

    I toyed with the concept of streetfightering it, but decided that it's one CBR model that doesn't look great naked. So it's a matter of fixing it up (physically and mechanically), tricking it up and getting it looking great again.

    Work already completed:

    - new (reconditioned) forks
    - new fibreglass mudguard
    - new discs and pads (needed for rwc)
    - new tail side fairing and centre bridge
    - main side fairings cracks repaired
    - pillion handle and rearsets polished up
    - carbies stripped, ultra sonically cleaned and jetted
    - anodized aluminium fittings from http://www.pro-bolt.com/ (bar ends, engine bolts, fairing bolts, oil filler cap, top yoke nut, brake reservoir cap, fuel cap bolts)
    - satin black clutch/brake levers fitted

    Upcoming works:

    - hindle race headers to be fitted
    - replacement for omrae pipe to be fitted (possibly hindle, maybe something else, but needs to pair well with the headers)
    - possibly fit jet kit once exhaust system is sorted
    - polish remaining aluminium parts (pillion peg mounts, etc.)
    - replace OEM footpegs
    - braided brake lines
    - full respray of all fairings in satin black (most critical at the moment)
    - LED indicators to replace the massive OEM ones
    - Clear tail light lens

    I guess the key thing is that it's finally back on the road and I'm really enjoying it - just needs some finishing touches to really look as good as it runs.

    Big thanks to Jack and the crew at Cranbourne Motorcycles for the work on the carbies (and subsequent tuning, etc) as well as sorting out RWC and rego for me.

    Pics coming soon.

  2. Well it's been a long time between posts here, but the CBR is complete!

    Progress pics below...

    In the state it was at my previous post - still lots of road rash, mis-matched fairings and a bit of a mess overall


    Fairings all removed and washed down before anything else begins


    Remainder of stickers removed and repairs completed (plastic welding, fibreglass patching and filler where required) - I don't know what sort of glue honda use on their metallic ones, but it was a right pain to get them off!


    The naked bike... almost looks ok - maybe I should have street fightered things, hrmm....


    New footpegs x 4 and polished the rearsets and pillion mounts...

  3. Replaced all the dash backlights with LEDs from http://www.superbrightleds.com/

    Reassembly begins the night before the MotoGP run...


    And all back together (quite late the night before)


    The maiden voyage since completion at eh Cranbourne MotoGP Run

  4. And finally... a quick snap at dusk after the MotoGP - complete with bugs on the headlight and front fairings...


    Don't get me wrong - it's not a showroom finish, but as a daily commute and weekend scratcher it's plenty good enough. Overall really happy with how things turned out, now onto the next project...
  5. looking good, you are right though, that wouldnt have looked great as a streetfighter, although looks awesome as a complete unit