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CBR600 Carby removal... HELP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Im repainting my CBR600f ('93) engine, and trying to remove carbys. I've looked in the service manual, and removed all of the insulator band screws and bands, but they are still stuck. I've tried pulling/wriggling the carbs, but the insulators (the rubber tubes) attaching the carbs wont budge up. They do move front/back, and I am pulling them on an angle while wriggling them, but they are stuck. Should I try to lever them off, or will it damage the insulators? The bike has had a hard life, and has been thrashed, so would they be cooked on?

  2. Possibly try heating them up so they become more flexible? Not by running the engine (that will make everything expand) but using something else. Wouldn't advise putting WD40 on the rubber seals though :p.
  3. Just put more muscle behind it. They are usually made out of very hard rubber and you would be doing well to cut it with a sharp knife, much less tear it with your bare hands.
  4. Ive (we've) both tried pulling them off. The engine is on the ground, and we are both STANDING on it, using four arms to pull/wriggle em off. Must look pretty funny. We're both not small guys either, so theys puppies will be going to the wrecker to see what they can do. I dont know how e could heat them... Hair-dryer is the best idea I have, but I can see it soing sweet FA. I wont go with open flame, too close to meltable bits and fuel. SO FRIGGIN FRUSTRATING!
  5. Maybe a previous owner has glued them in? I can usually get them off myself, with the engine in the frame so two people should be able to do it easily. You could try heating as you suggested, but I'd use a hot air gun ($40 from bunnings) rather than a hair dryer as it gets hotter. I wouldn't use a naked flame (eg. propane or oxy/acet/lpg).

    Just had another thought.. you could also try dishwashing liquid around the throat and leave it overnight to seep in.
  6. Yay! sucess! ,we got it off using hairdryers! thank god for the missus letting me use it... She just said "dont get any grease on it", and even though I did, cleaned her up so she'd never know. Thanks for the help guys... I'll post if I cant get the bastards back on.
  7. If they're stubborn, do the same thing to get them pliable again.