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Cbr6 08 upper fairing removal

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by bionic man, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    A coolant change is over due on my CBR & i've been putting it of for a while now.

    I'm very mechanically minded, i service all our machinery eg.. dozer, truck, tractors, work utes etc.

    But for the life of me i cant remove the upper fairing due to the fear of breaking the upper clips holding the bloody thing in place, stopping me accessing the radiator cap. :nail:

    I've tryed pulling it left right up & down & they just wont budge

    The upper fairing is flush mounted with internal clips ](*,)

    Does anyone have any experence removing these fairings?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance :biker:
  2. Well mission accomplished.

    I just gave the upper fairing a real decent pull downwards i suppose & valla.

    Managed to flush & refill coolant, new engine oil & filter.

    So keen to install a K&N air filter with a leo vince carbon slip on & PC5. One day soon i hope.