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CBR500R Repairs...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by O_Rider, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, so as of Tuesday, when I went on the night ride, my bike is no longer... "road-worthy" as far as I'm concerned. Long story short, hit a kangeroo, and most of the left fairings are cracked. Main issue i have, is the wiring for the bike. I'm not too comfortable with messing with that. The front left indicator doesn't work, or stopped working. As for the back left indicator, for some reason it's flashing really fast. Any idea how to fix it?

  2. Blinkers tend to flash fast when there is little/no resistance in the circuit, because the front blinker circuit is open (i.e. not flashing). Check the connection points and the filament itself, your electrical problems may be solved simply with a new front indicator bulb.

    Hopefully damage to the bike and yourself otherwise was minimal, the last thing you'd want to hit on a bike at speed is a roo.
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  3. I just checked the bulb... the front one is fine. It was working fine after i hit the roo, tested it on the road, but stopped working once i got home. So I'm not too sure what happened then, might have been something to do with the wiring.

    Anyone know where I can get cheap fairings and OEM parts?
    List of parts I need (to the best of my knowledge)
    Front Fender
    All the cowling for the left side.
    Upper Cowling
    Anything plastic... lol. Its as long list.
  4. No insurance?
  5. CBR500 parts are stupidly cheap as they come from Thailand. The main fairing are less than $100/side. The stickers on my 1100 cost more than the fairings on 500.
  6. Excess is 1k for me. No point claiming if that's the case, technically not my fault but since the "third party" involved in this case is kinda... dead. The insurance company still applies the excess, from what they told me. So if I can get it cheaper than 1k i'll do it myself.
  7. Where's this from? All those I've found are about 245 for the main fairings. The other tiny parts I dont mind paying for from an OEM dealer or Honda since its fairly cheap.
  8. Check the globe holder and socket for the front indicator.
    It's probably been pinched and shorted out somewhere around the fairing.
    The rear is flashing fast as there isn't enough load on the circuit with the front one shorted out.
  9. Do insurance companies let you fix your own bike using cheap non genuine parts?

    They would then be insuring a bike that is not original and therefore not worth the same money. They of course won't know anything different but if you crash again and have to make a claim they get to inspect the bike and will see it's changes.
  10. This is what shits me. Insurance companies charging ridiculous amounts to young people for insurance. Sure they are prone to crashing and claiming but fair is fair we get insurance for a reason. So effectively the OP is not making a claim because the excess is ridiculous meaning he is effectively paying for it twice and has a policy not worth wiping his arse on
  11. Top fairing for CBR500 is $136 as are the side fairings.
  12. Contact Barry Francis for OEM parts. That is where I got mine, fast shipping and excellent service!!

    I replaced mirror, indicator, fender, brake pedal, etc, and all below $400. Will be much less than 1k excess, and a insurance claim on record.

  13. Link please? I seriously cant find it that cheap.... Here's a picture of the damage... so you have a rough idea what I'm trying to get.

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  14. Go to the link I provided. You can select your motorcycle model, year, etc, and view the parts you need, with pricing.

    For the middle cowl (fender) its $136.21 for the 2014 model. You get that by selecting Honda -> CBR500RE or CBR500RAE if yours has ABS, and year. Then select MIDDLE COWL, and voila :) Detailed list of items with pricing.

    Email them to confirm correct colour scheme, etc.
  15. Mine is the 2013 model... which is probably why it's $255 instead of $136. Looking at getting it online from http://www.internationalmotoparts.com/ About 670 all up, including shipping so.... yeah.
  16. Yeah, I noticed some time ago, the 2013 parts are quite expensive!! Good luck :)