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CBR500R ready to ride

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Arnold Layne, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. :cool: 2 days before I pickup my new bike
    Spent years thinking about but always had a reason imposed on me not to.

    I decided to ignore those reasons and have just obtained my permit, bought my gear and now the bike.

    Can't wait to get out there and ride. Now to contemplate where I take my bike and I for that first ride!
  2. Welcome, excitement awaits, why not start with practice sessions some of the folks on here arrange.
  3. Welcome Arnold,

    Congrats on the permit and new bike. Don't forget the Hi Viz. Death awaits on every corner...

    Seriously though, start with short, local rides on streets you know very well and increase distance as your abilities/confidence grows.

    Above all, enjoy the experience and don't be too hard on yourself for the stupid mistakes you WILL make.
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    Cool and thank you.
    I will lookout for those, is there a calendar of events ?

    Yes, thank you for the advice.

    I expereince the some of the challenges from riding a pushy, you become acustomed to the local roads but also realise how quickly a familar road surface changes for instance.
  5. Welcome fellow 500R rider!
  6. Arnold Layne. I hope you are of an appropriate vintage to have that user name! Even if you're not, you obviously have good taste. Welcome!
  7. Welcome new rider. The cbr500r I had purchased was when they first came out and it is still a good ride after 1.5 years + of riding it.

    MAKE sure you buy yourself a good leather gear (jacket mainly needed) with good boots, gloves and Kevlar pants.

    Also wet weather gear is always a good investment too.

    ENJOY the ride and if you have any questions about the cbr500r just ask
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    Any tips on
    Cheers, and it would seem that you are too.
    I am of 60's vintage - but only just '69 to be exact.
    My Fav band. wearing the T-shirt today at work!

    Cheers - I have done just that. No skimping. Head to toe. There are too many options though. I am sure more gear is on the list - next purchase will include wet weather gear.
  9. CBR500R is a great machine you will love it. Good advice here already, just take your time and remember you are always learning.
  10. Will do, thank you.
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Well done. I am happy that you took the advice. Ride safe
  13. Hey Arnold, have you picked up your beautiful ride yet? Welcome to NR :)
  14. Picked it up yesterday. Absolutely fantastic.
    Took it easy all the way home without incident.

    Its raining today, was hoping to run around the local back streets today, maybe later if it eases up.
    Thank you.
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  15. How times change, Arnold. Back in 1969 a 500 was near the top of the list of big bikes! Now a 1,000 is small.
    Anyway welcome to the roads on powered two wheels and welcome to Netrider..
  16. Awesome! Hopefully rain will clear up so you can take your baby out and start exploring those back streets together :)
    Very important question, what colour is your ride?
    As for late 60s vvintage, those were excellent years - strong body, deep soul and exquisite signature flavor ;)
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    Had to stay with the classic honda colour. Tri-colour.
    Trying to workout how to post a pic.....

    Cheers Hornet.
    The first bike I had was a Honda Mini trail, cicra 1970 model. It had a 50cc and I remmeber when my brother and I swapped the cyclinder for a 75cc, we were stoked with the added power.
    I still have that little machine and my son now rides it (and so do i sometimes )
  18. There are some restrictions on new users, they will open up to you as you go along.
    You can create a showcase item if you like.
  19. Hiya,
    Well, i rode into work and back each day this week, now got 350kms up on the clock in one week. Feeling much better (read less nervous) by thursday. No incidents just a couple of dipwits that wish to drive only a couple of metres behind me, one in a 60 zone and one in a 100 zone, the latter, i tapped the rear brake a few times and he got the message, stayed a good 30 pr so metres behind after that. On friday i tried ear plugs out, that was interesting, i managed to stall it once...., all up had a great week, only got slighty wet twice, i am impressed that i didnt get that wet, must be the fairing deflecting most of the rain away. Need to get some rain gear soon.
    Cheers Arnold.
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