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CBR500R + new rider = interesting times

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Floyd, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. My story...
    Spent heaps of time looking at bikes, suzuki, honda, ducati, yamaha.....
    November - conpleted my permit test with HART, that was fun and stressful at the same time
    December - settled on and purchsed my CBR500RA

    been riding nearly every day
    Experiences so far
    1. Day 1 First ride, straight from the dealer to home, sore knuckles !!!!!!
    2. Day 2 Ride around the local streets
    3. day 3 Repeat above
    4. Repeat above, in drizzle.......
    5. Ride to work
    6. repeat above, deal with tail gater. Shit head, freaked me out, driving 2 pr 3 metes behind me at times
    7. Talked to another rider at work about tail gaters told me to tap brakes and get em to back off
    8. Ride to work again, taail gater again, seriously at 100kph havin someone a few meteres behind is crazy. Took some time but they got the idea. I work near the airport and have crazy limo drivers up my behind.
    9. Cintinued to ride to work, for two weeks straight.
    10. Christmaz brake (typo i will leave as is), had my first ride in full on rain and gusty wind. Freaky........go drenched, wheel spin on the exit of a round about.
    11. Read up on some basics on netrider, cornering etc.
    12. Back to work This week. Been practising some of those lessons.

    Skmetimes nervous, taking things seriously, but havin fun and i can see my confidence slowly increasing.

    Cheers Floyd

    AKA pete.

    Ps. Love my bike, classic HONDA colours, Tri Colour, got the Akropovic clipon + hard cowl to replace the pillion seat.
  2. Howdy Floyd!

    Best thing you can do is to carefully brave as many situations as you can - only way to learn is to fully experience rain, gridlock, high winds, idiot cagers by yourself. Just remember to take some time afterwards to think on what you were doing well / not so well and to learn from the experience and what you read on this forum. There are many varied opinions on here - it's up to you to take and apply what you think is sensible and to 'filter' things through your experiences etc

    Best thing is - you get to experience all this whilst on two wheels!
  3. Hi GeorgeO, i agree that is sage advice. Thank you
    Cheers Floyd.
  4. Keep it up mate, and use some spare time to go practise your skills on some quiet roads as well. More fun without the commute assholes.

    Take it easy...
  5. Welcome to NR and great choice of bike (I'm biased)...

    I'm in the same boat, practicing as much as possible!
  6. Welcome to NR and I agree with Donjuan above good choice of bike

    Regarding your difficulties try not to do the following

    Grip your handlebars so hard ( being relaxed) will make you respond to what is ahead and it won't kill your grip.
    Practice And don't worry too much, ride with some of the experienced rider here on nr and you will learn

    Practice makes perfect