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CBR500R as first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Flash72, May 19, 2014.

  1. I just got my P licence and decided to get a new CBR500R as my first bike. I looked at a few smaller bikes but don't like the idea of being bored in 6-12months and getting another one, so thought the 500 might be something I can live with for a few years at least. I decided on a newbie for the same reason I drive a new car and that's so I know how it has been treated.
    I am due to pick it up next week, any reasons I should pull out??

  2. No mate great bike, have fun.
  3. Yep, great bike.

    But... you may get bored of it once you're off your P's. It certainly isn't quick. But it's a fantastic bike to learn on, so don't have any regrets.

    I actually found the 500X to be the better bike - just a very easy bike to ride.
  4. Great bike from what i have seen, good move!

    Welcome the world of two wheels and welcome to Netrider!
  5. No, no pulling out. I hate pulling out. :p

    Should be a good learner bike, but don't be fooled. Just because it is a 500, doesn't mean it's much quicker than smaller capacity bikes. All LAMS bikes must mean power to weight ratios to qualify for LAMS.

    You will (most likely) be tired of it by the time you're done your Ps and will want to get something new.
  6. I just bought a 500x. First bike and I love it. I reckon it's got enough power to keep me happy for a while.
  7. Ok thanks sounds good. I'm sure I will still want to upgrade but I will worry about that in a year or so haha. I looked at the ninja300 as well but thought at highway speeds the Honda would be a better option.
    Now to get through the longest week of my life waiting to get it next week and get out there :ninja:
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  8. To avoid unwanted pregnancies.

    Congrats on the bike. If I was a learner that would be my choice.
  9. Did you have a look at the cb500f and cb500x as well? Same bike pretty much, just different riding positions.
  10. Yeah I looked at both the X and the F but somehow the R just felt right when I was sitting on it
  11. Ive had a CBR250R for 6 months, and I got bored of the power after 1..that said, I have nothing but praise for Hondas and the way they make their bikes. You should love your 500! What colour did you get? Mine's a tricolour, im a fan of the HRC ;)
  12. Only you can decide what bike is for you, and the CBR500R sounds (and looks) like a nice ride, a bike that could maybe still suit you after you're off restrictions. But to be sure, it's probably a good idea to post up a pic here of you with your bike next week:playful:
  13. Cbr300r releasing shortly
  14. What Ned said......
  15. Cool. I really like the look of the CBR, and the 500 engine is great from my experience so far. Pretty forgiving bike, nice flat torque curve, very tractable but still spirited enough (for me and my 3 whole weeks of riding experience anyway). As Josh asked - what colour is it?
  16. Go the 500... It's a good choice.

    You can always upgrade again later. Follow your heart and enjoy the ride.
    You never know, you may end up even keeping that 500 and buying a larger second bike when you're off your restrictions.
  17. Haha. Smooth. Very smooth.

    Isn't there an R3 coming out soon too?
  18. +1 for the bike choice.

    A newbie myself so can't comment on the on the boredom/upgrade thing just yet. I preferred the look of some other options but for me the Honda wins hands down for other boringly practical reasons.

    Enjoy the ride :)
  19. agreed, I like the 500 so much I bought one :)

    2013 Tri-colour
    Two Bros Black Edition slip-on
    White plastidipped lower fairings (to continue the white colour theme)
    GiPro DS Series gear indicator
    Molten Rhok (not shown in photo)

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