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CBR500R accessories

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kalihora, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Yes, it's me again.
    Yes with more questions..

    I'll probably move from Brisbane to Sydney in the next 4-5 weeks.
    It's good to mention that I don't have much riding experience with no highway riding due to the engine running in. Route options are welcome as well.
    Most of the stuff I need is for future plans of doing long ride trips as most of you people doing and I'm jealously reading.

    Currently I have helmet, leather jacket, gloves and shoes.
    What I need are riding pants, tank,tail and maybe side bags.

    Main concern with the pants are safety and pockets.. Lots of pockets. I have something like RST Ventilator 4 pants in mind. A little bit water proofing is fine if I get caught in surprise rain but don't mind carrying overpants.

    Tank bag suggestions. Mainly for carrying useless junk and take away foods (very important) for daily commutes and slr camera for trips. I don't know much about them like if they are secure enough so any input regarding the magnetic and strap ones are will be very valuable for me.

    And tail and maybe side bags. Again mainly for long trips and storing tyre repair kit, jerry can and stuff.

    I appreciate any advice regarding the items and good retailers around Brisbane.
  2. Hi KalihoraKalihora , are you looking for temporary solutions or more permanent for future touring, trips, etc?

    Tanks bags are fairly straightforward, the Aldi branded ones look alright to me but are hard to come by new. I have Shad equipment on mine and is is really well built and heavy duty, can take a good load. I bought a cheap magnetic tank bag off ebay ($15) and it works fine for small stuff. My top box is gold for helmet storage and secure storage once stopped.

    I have the RST Ventilator gear, it rains proper, it leaks. An over-suit is the best. Pants don't have many pockets but they are zippered. Jacket doesn't have many pockets but again, they're zippered.

    Anything else, just ask.
  3. Best route to Sydney from Brisbane, I'd be looking to go via the Great Ocean Road and link up with the Great Alpine Road coz we've got all the great scenery (y)(y) Seriously though, a nice run along the coast would be great, depending on your time frame
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  4. Thanks DonJuanDonJuan, I'm looking for temporary solutions at the moment to be honest. Blaze saddle bags looks good and handy but the prices are too much for me to spend now. Regarding the tank pads my main concern is if they can hold the weight of a camera and bits and pieces. And how is the rst pant with safety. Do you reckon it has enough protection or will I be better of with knee guards and stuff.

    Rus LerRus Ler, I failed to find those roads between Brisbane and Sydney.
  5. I was thinking you might like the scenic route (y)(y)
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  6. Unfortunately you'd have to spend a bit more money to get a secure tank bag given it would need to be strapped on to protect a valuable SLR camera.

    You could always check out this: Motorcycle Tail Packs - Kriega Australia

    It's a great set of gear, cheaper than hard cases but still not cheap... also waterproof and can pretty much go on any bike in the future.
  7. Try the website third gear they have good bike gear for a good price. I currently use their tank bag and have had no problems with it and is of good quality.
  8. Thanks DonJuanDonJuan ,

    That kriega looks good. The one I was looking priced a bit over $500. Kriega one can be used as both tail and tank bag which is much handier.

    Also thank you NorthriderNorthrider , I may use a few of their products.