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CBR300R Non-ABS good for learner?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by GOZMAN, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    As per the title i can get a Honda CBR300R (non-abs) ride away for $4990 at the moment. I'm a learner and will use the bike for easy weekend rides and perhaps a little commuting. My only concern with buying is the lack of ABS.

    Will i miss ABS as a learner? (i used to ride a Suzuki GS500 10yrs ago but never got my full licence and am just returning to riding).
  2. Nice and straight to the point. ABS is good to have. (Possibly opening up a can of worms here) but you should always ride so that you don't need it. I doubt roads have changed much from 10yrs ago that you need to have ABS
  3. ABS can't replace good riding skills, it is only there for when you REALLY screw up. Practice is the key to riding.

    Is that a second hand bike? (must be )
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  4. Brand new
  5. That is a good price...have you had a test ride yet? it would be interesting to see if you can compare the GS500 to it.
  6. If you were going to commute all the time then abs would be more important
  7. Personally I wouldn't buy a bike without ABS. Especially as a learner. I've seen too many of the "motorcycle crash" videos where the rider would probably be fine if they hadn't have locked one or both of the tyres.

    I know what I'm supposed to do in an emergency braking situation, and I can practice a lot (although I haven't so far, but should get onto that), but I worry that when it comes down to it my head will go full retard and just smash one of the brakes too hard.
    On a bike with ABS that probably won't be a big deal. On a bike without it I could go sliding, in a situation where I may have stopped in time otherwise.

    Up to you though.
  8. Like I said. Can of worms
  9. For the rear brake it's no problem (assuming normal road conditions), as it'll just mean -assuming you stay relaxed and don't panic- it drifts out a bit (though it suddenly regaining grip could cause a highside, I suppose). On the front you have a little more feel and control by virtue of it being your fingers doing the work rather than a booted foot.

    End of the day, it's a matter of whatever you're comfortable with :shrug:. Neither option will result in you destroying kindergartens.
  10. Love mine. Easy to ride, feels secure for a smaller bike. As for ABS I'm comfortable not having it but that doesn't decry the fact that it is a valuable asset. Just comes down to your own comfort in your skills.
  11. Have we run an NR poll of ABS vs no-ABS yet?
  12. fcuken dont
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  13. ABS:

    NO ABS:
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  14. lol Jazz. If I had to choose, I'd rather non ABS ride my bike than ABS!
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  16. I don't feel I need ABS just yet. But it would be a good reassurance. I just hate when people think that it changes the way they ride
  17. Search ABS on NR and spend the rest of the day reading posts.
    There's also an Ale Brewing Stories thread as well if you if you need a brake........
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  18. Learner/noob here - don't have ABS on mine and for the most part, don't miss it. I do think it would be a good safety net in rain and poor road conditions though....honestly doesn't take much to lock up in those situations.
  19. I'm surrounded by pussies. Seriously turn the ABS off everyone. Stop being pussies. Go out and deliberately lock front brakes in a back lot somewhere and gain some experience in how to regain control of the front end when this happens. You will be a better rider for it. You won't learn bad habits of grabbing a fist full and letting the ABS sort it.
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