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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HILLY, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. what sort of oil should i put in my cbr250rr ?
    also what type of oil filter are in them?
    thanks heaps

  2. Do you have the owners manual, if so check in there
  3. I did an oil change and filter change last week, i used motul motorcycle fully sythnetic oil, was about $40 for 4L's but good quality oil is definatly worth the extra $$$, bought a oil filter from the local honda dealership, think it was about $8.

    Doing it it easy, you might have to take the LH fairing off to get to the filter but some people can do it without taking the fairing off it.

    Download the workshop manual from http://bayonetwork.com/cbr/CBR250ServiceManual.pdf

    I've found this very useful when working on my babyblade.
  4. i use Motul semi-synthetic 10w40 and just a generic oil filter for $10.
  5. Heard it was not good to use a full synthetic.
    Just be careful with the oil filter bolt. They are prone to rounding off and what not. Losen it when the bike is cool.
  6. Where did you hear that from?
  7. I've also heared it's not the best idea to use full synthetic oil. mech recommend i use a half/half oil, it also mentions it in the manual if i'm not mistaken(don't quote me on that)? I've seen it on a few cbr forums.

    i also use basic unleaded in my cbr250, seems to be pulling alot better with it :D

    i'm currently using hp4 honda oil, cost around 55$ for 4liters
  8. The engines in these bikes was designed to run on 10w40 mineral oil which if I'm correct is no longer available (if it is than I do not know who stocks it or who makes it)... best thing for them is the semi synth as the 100% synth night desolve the deposits left over by the mineral oil or/and damage the gaskets as they were not design to handle the additives in full synth oil...

    From personal expiriance MOTUL 5100 works best in them...
  9. Yep. Been using Motul 5100 for years.

    great stuff.
  10. I tried downloading that service manual for a 19992 CBR250RR
    didnt have any luck can anyone else point me in the right direction please
  11. Crooky,

    Sent u an email.