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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kryt, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. So after 7 dammmm months of having my L's and no bike, D-day finaly arrived and i got my baby, and i ****ing love it


    All i need todo is paint the tank and fix up the seat, and a bit of a polish and she will be epic.

    First ride was down to servo :p all most fell on my ass gettin off 8-[ foot slipped but i caught myself intime not to look like a total tool, i then ventured off to Supercheap to get some Polish. relaxed at home for like 10mins haha then got back on and took a cruise down heathcote road to heathcote (that was a rush), stoped for 5 then got back on and came home, VERY ****IN HAPPY and a nice first time on road :D:D
  2. she is hot as!!!!!!!

    when shall she have a name? :D

    sweet ride man, looks wicked!!!

  3. u should call it du-kat-e
  4. or mad stoner
  5. Nice one. I've owned a couple of these and they are great bikes - just make sure you change the oil every 5000k's and service it properly and it will purrr like a dream for a long time.
  6. thanks for that i will keep it in mind
  7. Very nice mate!
  8. ill be honest, to old and over priced :) flame on
  9. Lol Goz! I've never ridden another learner bike that would touch a 250rr
  10. did i mention bloody noisy to :D
  11. If it's too loud your too old ;)
  12. I test rode a CBR
    Didn't like the seating - they're so narrow! Managed to find a Hornet instead - same motor and gearbox in a naked frame with thick tyres and Nissin brakes. Much nicer :D
  13. u tell him toady :)
  14. if its too uncomfitable your too old :cheeky:

    And they're not the same at all.
  15. Nice to meet you yesterday Joel, good luck on the big roadtrip
  16. you to man , yea it should be fun and painfull haha. cheers for the tips!
  17. nice seeing you today! good riding!
  18. yea mate you to!
  19. When I first looked into bikes I thought I was going to get a 250rr... was very disappointed when I sat on one... Am 6'2".. or is that 6"2' ... i don't know... confused now... pretty sure inch is "

    ANYWAY... my knees were up to my ears... had to be honest with myself.. not the bike for me.

    Congrats on the bike tho! They sound orsm.
  20. I've never seen that patriotic fairing scheme before